“I’ve learned to say goodbye.”  Ambergris, the secret of the post on Instagram

“I’ve learned to say goodbye.” Ambergris, the secret of the post on Instagram

“I’ve learned to say goodbye.” Ambergris Angiolini He lives his summer between working and relaxing with his family (and not only). After archiving the story with Massimiliano Allegri, she devotes herself to it. We’ll see her join the judges’ bench in the X Factor Fedez, Dargen D’Amico, and Rkomi. Nevertheless, something is in the air. Maybe a little melancholy. Or simply the acceptance of what was. Because, you know, the ghosts of the past can hurt. And so a post on Instagram fascinated everyone.

Ambra Angiolini, the post on Instagram: Think back to the past

The life of Ambergris Angiolini it changed in just under a year. Actually a lot less. Massimiliano Allegri’s betrayal has certainly made her think. His daughter Jolanda, born out of love for Francesco Renga, also intervened in his defense. The end of a love deserves respect and privacy, but it didn’t happen. Shortly before the end, Ambra said: “I have eyes to heart for him“.

And one wonders if this goodbye post isn’t for him. Or maybe for all the people Amber said goodbye to. On Instagram he shared a very clear sentence from Zero Grudge that leaves no doubt. As if he wanted free himself from the ghosts of his past, of the pain he was in, of the goodbyes he had to say. And the great thing is that it’he learned to carve parts of the sky“without sharing them”people without poetry“.

Ambra Angiolini according to Massimiliano Allegri: Day Zero

In May, photos with a “mystery man” were published. After all, Ambra had spoken of her “zero day”, the moment when you don’t win, don’t lose, but start anew. The chapter with Massimiliano Allegri is now closed, and Angiolini went on, trying to turn the page. Between lights and shadows, however, Diva and Donna had shared some very eloquent footage of Ambra kissing a man.

The person in question – Gianluca Roberto – would be her flirt. Still, there are no official announcements or recent photos to attest to any serious participation. Certainly, Angiolini has always been very reserved and has always cared about her privacy. Consequently, it is not so obvious to think that he wants Keep the relationship out of the spotlight. Nevertheless, her Instagram post makes you think again.

The new life of Ambra Angiolini

There’s a lot at stake right now. We know he will be present as a judge on X Factor. What has now started again has started again: not only at work. Between a few well-deserved days of relaxation, during which she flaunted a memorable bikini, and her commitments on the X Factor, there’s also time to think about saying goodbye. Because sometimes we really need to repeat it. As always, his children are by his side: Jolanda and Leonardo. And Francesco Renga, with whom he never stopped having a deep and sincere relationship. But there is always room for love, and in a different way than before, more consciously.