Ivana Mrazova terrible drama for Luca Onestinis ex He

Ivana Mrazova, terrible drama for Luca Onestini’s ex | He hadn’t moved in 16 years PontileNews

Ivana Mrazova, the ex-partner of Luca Onestini, now on Big Brother Vip, has recently faced terrible drama. The ex-Gieffina faced one of the greatest pains and her life changed forever.

It was difficult to get over a moment like this, a loss so important it upset her.

Ivana Mrazova – YuttoIvana Mrazova drama| Instagram photos

Ivana Mrazova, the famous model known for participating in Big Brother Viphe experienced a highly dramatic moment that turned his life upside down forever. The girl who met Luca Onestini in the most spied house in Italy, with whom she had a crazy and intense love story, wanted to share the very sad news with her many followers.

The Pain by Ivana Mrazova

The model lost her father. A truly horrifying moment for her, who is struck with painful grief. She announced her pain on the pages of the social network to be able to share such a strong emotion with those who have followed her for a long time. She posted a photo of her father bathing her as a child and wrote: “Hello dad, I love you”. Simple words but containing great feelings and just as much love for the missing parent.

Ivana Mrazova’s father, Luca Onestini’s ex, has died

Unfortunately Ivana’s father discovered in 2005 that he had cancer in his neck. During the operation to remove the ugliness, the nerves in his arms were injured, and the man was unable to move as before for several years. When this happened, she was only 13 years old and severely traumatized. Seeing her father suffering from a serious illness and suddenly unable to move his arms shaped her forever.

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At the time of the events, the Czech model was still engaged to Luca Onestini. who today decided to end it with her completely and return to Big Brother Vip 7’s house. However, he was still by her side in those sad moments, along with Raffaello Tonon, the couple’s amazing friend who they both met on the reality show. The two made the girl feel close and affection by standing by her side in such a complex and delicate moment.

Farewell to Luca Onestini

The Czech model, just for this occasion, He returned to his country of origin to see his father one last time and attend the funeral of the beloved parent. Surely this grief, this dramatic experience shaped her life forever and confronted her with the pain of grief and all that follows. Only last summer did the model have to cope with another bad news: saying goodbye to her boyfriend Luca Onestini. After several rumours The official announcement of their final split came on August 10, 2021. In the house, the competitor told how things are going today: “Do we have a good relationship? Yes, we didn’t hear from each other at first.But you know, there’s a strong bond that’s standing still. It’s not like you’re a friend the next day, how do you do that? I have a hard time with that. We were a bang without hearing. I always said so. She will always have an important place in my heart and no one will take it from her. Also because the story was really nice.”