1664737575 Its male revealed the sex of Aurora Ramazzottis baby the

“It’s male” revealed the sex of Aurora Ramazzotti’s baby: the joy of Eros and Michelle Hunziker

Aurora Ramazzotti’s baby shower confirms the gender of the unborn child: it will be male. Great emotions among those present, including Eros and Michelle Hunziker.

Its male revealed the sex of Aurora Ramazzottis baby the

A Sunday full of love for aurora ramazotti and Gottfried Cerza. A very strong feeling, it’s their national holiday: the baby shower reveals the gender of the unborn child to the world. It’s a boy. The announcement on Instagram by the daughter of Eros Ramazzotti and Michelle Hunziker, apparently present at the event. Present and excited we add: in one photo all the joy of the reunited family. Indescribable moments captured and published on social networks. Aurora Ramazzotti wrote: “Thank you all. We love you💙”.

The baby shower

At Aurora Ramazzotti’s baby shower, close friends and relatives were present in addition to the future grandparents (by the way: Today is Grandparents’ Day!). A special dedication from Aurora Ramazzotti also for Sara Daniele: “My sister who organized this wonderful day, I love you”. Aurora Ramazzotti’s look is gorgeous, for the occasion she dressed in purple, contrary to the grand old saying of the entertainment world that sees this color as a challenge par excellence.

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The impressions

After the pregnancy, Aurora Ramazzotti confirmed her impressions of what is happening: “I really had to understand something of what is happening right now.” The daughter of Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti has always been very direct and transparent, this being is “a double-edged sword”.

Aurora Ramazzotti: “A lot has changed between Mama Michelle and Papa Eros, it’s a good feeling”

Getting into my channels has been a bit of a double-edged sword, and so I’m trying to calibrate myself in light of what’s happening to me. First of all, I feel a bit like a communication block, whatever it means seems redundant to me.

Aurora Ramazzotti had told everything, formalizing with a very funny clip in which she commented on the fake news about her possible pregnancy over the years. Until the confirmed news: “Look at those breasts …” he told Goffredo Cerza.