It’s always noon, suspended Thursday January 19th: Why Antonella Clerici isn’t on the air    Tutto Notice

It’s always noon, suspended Thursday January 19th: Why Antonella Clerici isn’t on the air Tutto Notice

Antonella Clerici is broadcast daily from 12 noon on Rai 1 with It is always noon. Today this will not happen: here is why.

It’s always noon it is the flagship transmission of the market leader Antonella Clerici. Meanwhile, the audience attends a cooking show a cooking show, but ‘mixed’ with many more. For example, there are telephone games that the presenter plays with the viewers at home in order to win a variety of prizes, or interviews with important personalities from the worlds of art, culture and entertainment. In the studio, many regular characters then animate the format, including the chef Lorenzo Biagiarelli – companion of the journalist Selvaggia Lucarelli – and the dancer Giovanna Civitillo – wife of the presenter Amadeus. Today the public will not witness any of this.

It’s always midday: in its place, the funeral of an icon of Italian drama

Instead of It’s always nooncontinue today Rai 1 away 12:15 p.m approximately, the transfer of the funerals one of the icons of Italian acting who passed away on Monday January 16th: Gina Lollobrigida. Ever since the news broke – almost paradoxically, state television made the sad announcement during Antonella Clerici’s broadcast – the first broadcaster has been very committed remember the woman. It was discussed at various times on the Storie Italiane, the news and entertainment show hosted by journalist Eleonora Daniele, but also yesterday Today is another daythe talk show hosted by host Serena Bortone, within which she was reserved a room also for the loved ones of the actress.

We remember that Gina Lollobrigida He deserves both such a “huge” reminder on television and the live broadcast of his funeral. The woman is in between the most important actresses of Italy and in the world as far as the history of cinema is concerned. In fact, it boasts local works with very important directors of the caliber Victor de Sica, Mario Monicelli and Alberto Lattuada. But not only. Abroad, he had the honor of working with the brightest stars of Hollywood, among which the actors stand out Sean ConneryErrol Flynn e Humphrey Bogart. It also doesn’t count the various awards “Lollo” has received throughout her career. To name a few, a Golden Globes for the film Back to September, three Silver Ribbonsseven Donatello’s David and a nomination for Brit Academy Film Awards – English equivalents of the Oscars – for the film Bread, love and imagination.

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