Marc Labreche on the way to Noovo

It’s all chaos at Big Brother Celebrities

Hallelujah, the reality TV gods heard our litanies (thanks, Jemmy) and the dominant Big Brother celebrity alliance, the Devil’s Afterparty, was brought down with a bang in a crusty episode of revenge and betrayal on Sunday night.

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On the eve of Red Week, which will culminate in a second double displacement, the house studio is split into two rival factions, a split we’ve been waiting for since, huh, the airing of the second installment of Noovo’s popular show?

Finally, after a predictable five weeks, we say goodbye to telegraphed eliminations and made-up suspense. This strategy game jumps into high gear and the team of LeLouis Courchesne, Mona de Grenoble, Anas Hassouna and Liliane Blanco-Binette, aka the heart of the core, bathes in very hot water – and not that of the terrace spa.

Its all chaos at Big Brother Celebrities


Liliane Blanco Binette

It should be emphasized that the plan to weaken the Archi-vices was brilliantly executed by the humorist Coco Belliveau, who dangerously walks the Maginot Line without ever exploding on a mine, which turns out to be a feat.

Clever manipulator Coco Belliveau convinced actress Jemmy Echaquan-Dubé to use the famous “Buzzer” which removed Marie-Christine Lavoie and Marianne Verville from the elimination block. The problem? Confused Jemmy did not consult her allies at the Archi-vices before pressing the button of privilege that severed the head of actress Naïla Louidort, who then packed her bags in fourth gear.

The astonished faces of Marianne Verville and Zoé Duval were worth all people’s gold. Nobody understood this shift in favor of the Core Core. Zoé Duval, a savvy player, was furious, and with good reason.

In another dramatic twist of the evening, Zoé Duval, the 23-year-old content creator, was crowned boss of the house and promised a reign of terror and vengeance, to hell with the hypocrisy that (also) ruined relationships in this big television lab reigns .

This next red week promises to be epic and gory. Of course, Zoé Duval will pass the mower at the heart of the core, with targets drawn in the backs of LeLouis, Liliane, Mona, and Anas. With two rival Big Brother celebrities set to leave next Sunday, the Archi-vices position themselves to seize the powerhouse as they rally Natalie Choquette and Marie-Christine Lavoie.

Speaking of Marie-Christine, I love her more and more, the designer who “fluffs” cushions. Constantly in danger, she holds on tight and never plays the role of victim. She gains several determination points.

But poor Jemmy, sir. The young woman was pathetic with her puppy in her arms, stunned by the chaos she herself had just created. Coco Belliveau, who knows all the cogs of Big Brother, wrapped them up masterfully.

Now watch out for Coco, the swinger candidate who swings from one alliance to another without consequences. How long will his game, which is nonetheless big and daring, be under the radar?

The voice and Rihanna, same fight

The fifth and final episode of The Voice’s blind auditions wasn’t the most exciting on Sunday night. A bit like Rihanna’s 13-minute halftime performance at the Super Bowl, disappointing compared to that of her sisters Madonna, Lady Gaga or Beyoncé.

The floating walkways for Rihanna, who was pregnant with her second child, were impressive and provided stunning aerial footage. Without a costume change, the pop star’s hits, including classics Diamonds, Work and Umbrella, tumbled into a rather cold number punctuated by an overly present pre-recorded soundtrack.

In short, nothing to ruin his life as we would say on TikTok. That was correct and will not go down in history as a prince in the rain, for example. Rihanna seemed to be on autopilot.

Same mixed feelings on The Voice, where the first and last issues were at their liveliest. To open, Gabrielle Grenon, 15, from Terrebonne, spun the four wagons with her slick cover of Christina Aguilera’s What a Girl Wants.

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Gabrielle Grenon, 15, from Terrebonne

Marjo repeated several times that she would have liked to hear him sing in French, a legitimate remark. The teenager, the youngest competitor in the TVA competition, took refuge in Marc Dupré’s team.

At the very end, with only Mario Pelchat in action, 32-year-old Alma Celine Dion’s Joël Boudreault reshot I Surrender and the four teams were complete. He was solid on a very difficult piece. It’s always a headache to attack Celine’s (or Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey’s) catalog in a tele-hook. The competitor will never match the original version, it’s technically impossible.

1676295983 755 Its all chaos at Big Brother Celebrities


Joël Boudreault, 32, of Alma

There was a lot of filler between these two moments of success. Mario Pelchat turned down four artists before drawing his 12th player, and it’s been a long, long time.

I’m curious to see how far the very good Audrey Lachance, 39, from Saint-Roch-de-l’Achigan, will get in the competition. She shone in Tina Turner’s The Best. But we know the voice favors younger people and sadly at 39, Audrey is nearing her expiration date.