It will take ‘weeks’ to find all victims after Kentucky floods    Yahoo France

It will take ‘weeks’ to find all victims after Kentucky floods Yahoo France

Devastating floods in eastern Kentucky overnight Wednesday through Thursday continue to claim lives.

UNITED STATES – This is the second natural disaster in 7 months for the state of Kentucky, which is again suffering significant human casualties. The governor warned that the search for all of the missing would likely take weeks.

Gov. Andy Beshear said it’s still difficult to estimate the number of missing because cellphone services are down in the worst-hit areas and people who escaped the torrential rains are unable to reassure their families.

“Unfortunately, I think we’re going to be finding bodies for weeks,” added Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear, as torrential rains battered the east of this rural state, forcing residents to seek shelter on the roof of their homes while awaiting help.

The death toll from the flooding has risen to 25 this Saturday and is expected to rise further as emergency services and residents continue to search for survivors. According to the governor, four children died in the floods.

In some areas of Kentucky, it rained about eight inches in 24 hours, and in places, river water suddenly rose several feet before bursting out of its beds. President Joe Biden declared the condition a “natural disaster” and dismissed federal reinforcements to assist areas hit by “storms, floods, landslides and mudslides.”

Take care of the coming days

Fifteen reception centers have opened in schools, churches and nature parks, but concerns remain high as Sunday will be marked by fresh rain.

In addition, hot weather is expected next week and thousands of households will be without electricity and therefore without air conditioning, but also without drinking water. The authorities are preparing to set up “cooling centers” with portable generators for the most vulnerable and to distribute water.

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These floods are the latest manifestations of extreme weather events that are becoming more frequent with human-caused global warming.

In December, several dozen violent tornadoes devastated five states in the central United States, mostly western Kentucky, killing at least 80 people.

VIDEO – Images of the worst flooding in Kentucky history that killed at least 25 people

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