“It sucks,” raves Patrícia Abravanel about Fábio Faria, shocking by revealing the marital situation: “Orava”

“It sucks,” raves Patrícia Abravanel about Fábio Faria, shocking by revealing the marital situation: “Orava”

Patrícia Abravanel is married to Fabio Faria.

Known as one of the daughters of Silvio Santos charismatic, Patricia Abravanel is also considered the natural successor of the multimillion dollar father and owner SBT. The presenter is married Fabio Fariacurrent Minister of Communications.

Patricia Abravanel has recently shown how difficult it was to relate to Fabio Fariasince he had several famous girlfriends.

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The presenter is a mother of three children Fabio Faria and loves to show some moments of relationship with her partner on social networks.

However, the beginning of their relationship was not easy. the daughter of Silvio Santos showed a lot of resistance to indulging in his current partner since he has a list of famous exgirlfriends.

Fabio Faria have dated celebrities like Adriane Galisteu, Priscila Fantin and Deborah Secco before marriage Patricia.

prayed from my husband and one day Fábio appeared in my life. They googled Fábio and he was a guy who not good marry. In the past he was only with these wonderful women.” Patricia while on duty in the United States.

condemn the past

Patricia Abravanel accused her husband of showing off the women he had conquered before they were married, so it took her a long time to surrender and understand if the husband was really “sent” of God.

“He had a women’s trophy every day and he bragged about it. Do you know this man of the world? Handsome… I said, ‘I’m not dating this guy. I want my husband now,'” fired the presenter SBT.

Patricia also shared a message he received from a supporter of the president Jair Messiah Bolsonaro. “He wrote like, ‘You already have my audience. I want to know if I have your vote.’ Very cheeky. I was like, ‘I’m not dating this guy,'” detonated the famous woman, who later “bited her tongue.”

Patricia Abravanel acknowledges that he was the main contributor to the relationship that initially worked. “I didn’t stay with him. I was for that purpose (to have a husband). I haven’t gotten dressed. You know when you go (thinking): “Whoever will be with me will know me as I am without my clothes on”. I went there with him and nothing. It didn’t. He insisted. Fábio was persistent,” the artist noted.

Patrícia Abravanel and Fábio Faria (photo: reproduction)Patrícia Abravanel and Fábio Faria at their wedding (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)