It is scandalous that you continue to do this Lulu

“It is scandalous that you continue to do this”: Lulù Selassiè “massacred” by the Internet: Blame Soleil

Lulù Selassiè was massacred by some users on the internet because of Soleil Sorge. Here’s what happened in the last few hours.

This is not a good time for Lulù Selassiè. We know that breaking up with Manuel Bortuzzo, which came out of the blue, was a very hard blow for her and that she has never hidden her pain over what happened.

Lulù Selassi has been criticized for Soleil's concern - Political24Lulù Selassiè, Soleil Sorge – Political24

But now It is still a time of controversy for her, but this time neither for her nor for her ex-boyfriend. Criticism rained down on Soleil, his former roommate in Gf Vip 6.

Lulù Selassiè massacred because of Soleil’s concern

Lulù Selassiè is not having a great time at the moment. We know that her love story with Manuel Bortuzzo was shattered almost a month ago, with whom he lived for 7 months, practically all together. In fact, the two spent almost 5 months together 24 hours a day in Gf Vip 6, and then live out their love away from the cameras.

In fact, towards the end of January, about a month and a half after the finale, the swimmer decided to leave the reality show due to personal issues while the princess wanted to stay. Arriving in the finals, she then failed to take first place (won by her older sister Jessica instead), but the good things have arrived for her nonetheless. Once she left the most spied on house in Italy, the princess indeed She immediately moved in with Manuel and for the first few months of their “real life” their story seemed to be going well, so much so that the two considered marriage and children.

But then something went wrong and the two suddenly said goodbye towards the end of April. Everything has been said about their breakup and their versions don’t agree at all: she claims her now ex left her through a press release, he instead claimed to have spoken to her before. In short, we don’t know if we’ll ever find out the truth, but what is certain is that Lulù Selassiè was recently massacred by the internet and the blame lies neither with her nor with Bortuzzo, but with Soleil Sorge.

The criticism of the princess

According to many, Soleil would have taken the side of concern Lulù Selassiè after his break with Manuel Bortuzzo. To the mics of Afternoon 5, the former admirer of men and women had confined herself to explaining: “I’m so sorry to hear certain statements from Manuel and Lulu. Perhaps the only mistake they made was praising that love without then living outside. But it wasn’t so much what got people talking as the like she gave on Twitter to one of her fans who had written “Dear Lulu, remember that you are never alone. You have crazy fans as you are. Get ready and remember that YOU deserve much better things in life”.

But now there is criticism about Soleil on Lulù Selassiè. We know the latter recently launched its own line of swimwear (and more), State Of Soleil. So far so good, except that the only princess who decided to follow her brand’s Instagram page was Lulù. Many fans didn’t like this decision, especially considering the many arguments that Sorge had with Jessica during her stay in Gf Vip 6. Indeed, one user clearly wrote: “Scandalous that Lulu is still following is stupid the crap he told his sister.” So far, however, none of the protagonists have responded. Lets see what happens.

Lulù Selassi has been criticized for Soleil's concern - Political24Source: State of Soleil Instagram