It destroys a supercar worth over half a million euros it just bought: the reason is incredible    QuattroMania

It destroys a supercar worth over half a million euros it just bought: the reason is incredible QuattroMania

The old saying “power is nothing without control” is still very relevant in the world of supercars. An accident involving a rare car as the protagonist could easily have been prevented.

First rule of driving a supercar: stay calm if you don’t know the model. Nobody had told a man who owned a very rare racing car.

Lambo YT18_08_2022 QuattromaniaIt more or less went like this! (youtube)

An expensive disaster

Among American supercars the Ford GT It is certainly one of the most exciting and extraordinary ever produced. The car was presented in 2004 and obviously pays homage to the GT40 model, capable of tearing through the tough competition from Ferrari and Porsche at the world’s best endurance circuits, including Le Mans. This car is very rare and expensive, but even the “modern” version is no joke.

Just over 4,000 examples of the GT were produced. Even rarer is the Heritage Edition 2006, which was presented towards the end of model production. This particular car has the blue and orange Gulf livery that every enthusiast knows and that colored Jackie Ickx’s GT40 when triumphed at the 24 Hours of Le Mans In 1969 he beat the Porsche 917 by a tiny margin.

Think what a heartbreak Enthusiasts may find that one of these very rare cars was wrecked due to an owner’s inexperience. In an accident that could have safely been avoided, a rare Ford GT Heritage Edition ended its race against a palm tree.

The pilot version

First the newspapers spread a wrong version of the incident that occurred in May in Florida, in Boca Raton, blamed the pilot and said that it had happened too quickly: the man gave an interview to the American press and explained that he bore a large part of the responsibility But things were very different: “I don’t want people to think I was running too fast: I was running at 35 miles per hour,” explains 50-year-old Robert J. Guarini.

According to the press, Guarini caused the accident due to his inexperience in handling the manual transmission, which is little used in the USA, and was also discovered without insurance. But the driver’s version is different: “The story of the manual transmission is true, but it has to be said that the tires were damaged and it was raining, the asphalt was slippery,” says the man. Ford Road and Track 18_08_2022 QuattromaniaAnd here is the result (road and track)

In short, an unfortunate combination of events that saw a $704,000 car finish as you can see above. “I have the documents, I have a policy covering the car, I just didn’t have the documents with me when the police arrived,” Guarini concludes. Whether it’s entirely his fault or not, whether the car was insured or not, it changes little: it’s going to be a liability to have it repaired, to say the least.