It could be his father: How old is Marc Anthony’s young girlfriend?

It could be his father: How old is Marc Anthony’s young girlfriend?

Mark Antony is synonymous with success and absolute talent, having conquered the world not only with his great songs but also with his appearances in important films Hollywood. A few weeks ago, the performer of the song “Vivir la vida” was announced in various entertainment news portals for his private life. It’s that he’s made it public that he has a new girlfriend.

Mark Antony He is going through one of the greatest moments of his life as he is not only successful with his music but also in love. A few weeks ago there were heavy rumors that the famous salsa singer was in a relationship with him Miss Universe Paraguay 2021, Nadia Ferrera. This was confirmed by the singer himself through his official reports with a number of publications dedicated to his beloved.

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With a photo posted on the official profile, Mark Antony confirmed this good news. It’s a picture where you can see them hugging and smiling. You can also read a message that says: “May God multiply for us whatever you want.” This made it clear that love knows no geographical borders.

Who is Nadia Ferreira?

Nadia Ferrera is an international model and Paraguayan businesswoman, she has been appointed Miss Universe Paraguay 2021 and represented Paraguay at Miss Universe 2021 and was first runner-up of the seventieth edition of Miss Universe. She first gained recognition as a model in 2018 after being selected for Custo Barcelona’s O/W show 2018 at New York Fashion Week. Since then she has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, L’Officiel and Robb Report Singapore.

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In addition to being an innate beauty, the Paraguayan model also starred on television as she became a local celebrity after starring in the show Parody from telefuture in 2015, in which contestants imitate famous singers, such as Taylor Swift and Violetta. As a result, his fame grew in different parts of the continent.

To the surprise of many, the blue-eyed brunette is 22 years old and despite the big age difference she has with her current partner, they are seen by the very much in love social media. the former of Jennifer Lopez He is currently 53 years old, so the difference between the two is 31 years. It could even be his father.

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On the other hand, Mark Antony It’s not the first time he’s conquered one miss universe for some years he has been married Diana Torres, who won the aforementioned beauty pageant representing her beloved Puerto Rico. Also, she had two children during her marriage to the Latin American singer. Christian Munz and Ryan Adrian Muniz. Today she has a warm and friendly relationship with her ex-husband, because every time they have an event for their children, they both come happy and accompanied.