Issa Vegas Proves Peach Is Her Ideal Dress Color

Issa Vegas Proves Peach Is Her Ideal Dress Color

Issa Vegas Proves Peach Is Her Ideal Dress Color (instagram)

Issa Vegas Proves Peach Is Her Ideal Dress Color | instagram

One of Argentinian model Issa Vegas’ favorite platforms is Tik Tok, since it’s the social network where she’s closest to her fans and shares more content with them. This is usually diverse, starting with various tips on acquiring a stunning silhouette as well as videos with humor for all her followers, on the other hand, the Argentinean loves to pose for her fans as they please.

The 26-year-old fitness blogger shares photos and videos of herself in which she’s portrayed in the most flirty outfits as well as the most revealing clothes. This time she would upload a short video on Tik Tok wearing a huge peachy dress that fit her insane curves perfectly and made it clear that this is her ideal color.

Recorded in a public toilet of the place he was visiting issa vegasclad in a long-sleeved dress with a pronounced opening in the torso area revealing the inside and giving a glimpse of the young model’s flat stomach, the flirty robe in a bright peach, the post would read. because the fruit would appear in it.

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A mix of a song by plays in the background the weekend “Call out my name” to bring a more mysterious and flirtatious touch to the release, as the way they showed themselves in Vegas was not for the faint of heart, more than 17,000 reactions in the “Like” section, while around 129 Comments from her fans are praising her silhouette and letting them know how beautiful she always looks.

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Issa Vegas proves that peach is her ideal dress color, Photo: Instagram

More than four million followers are aware of their publications and Argentina has accumulated around 38 million “likes” in a compilation of all content, short videos, the highest number of views that a video has is 50 million dances the song “The womanizer“where she’s wearing a flirtatious blue beach suit and her husband is seen from behind with the dogs, who in turn is giving him a tender touch.

BY CLICKING HERE you can see the Tik Tok of issa vegas.

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