Isola Vaporidis How I will spend the prize money and

Isola, Vaporidis: “How I will spend the prize money and what the doctors tell me”

Island of the Famous

The winner of the Isle of Famous 2022 explained what he will do in the future, how he will use the money he has won and how he is doing physically

Isola Vaporidis How I will spend the prize money and

Released on July 5, 2022

Nicholas Vaporidis, After 99 days in Honduras and 25 episodes, he triumphed with a referendum The island of the famous. Few thought at the beginning of the program that he would be the one who would climb to the top step of the podium. Coming from the cinema and not from television, reserved for the improbable, a strong temperament, these are qualities that had not allowed him to be shortlisted as favorites. Instead, the unexpected Vaporidis came out. Episode after episode showed his attitude and temperament, the most intimate Nicolas, convincing and engaging. That’s how victory came.

“I was positively surprised. My wish was to get out of a car that I didn’t know “unharmed”. I thought I would never give myself away,” he underlined in a lengthy interview with the weekly Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, with whom he had a lengthy chat about his trip to Honduras. At one point it was feared for its physique. After losing a lot of weight, he had to stop playing a few days before the final to get back on his feet. How are you today? How many pounds have you lost? “8, weight 56 ​​kg at 13 years old. I look like a fan but the doctors said I’ll recover.

The first call? mother or girlfriend? “My mother, we calmed each other down…” Of course, immediately afterwards she heard Ali, a woman who enabled Nicolas to find balance in love as well. Have you thought of a gift for your partner? “The weather. Spending a lot of time together”. Chapter Prize money won (100,000 euros, part of which will be donated to charity): How will you spend the money? Will I continue to live in London?

“I shall manage them as I do all my fortune. I will continue to live in London where I have my restaurants but I will try to enjoy my beautiful Italy to be able to do movies and maybe even TV.

Speaking of television, would he like to do more on the small screen, or was L’Isola dei Famosi just an interlude in a career dedicated only to cinema? “It would be a great challenge, a personal and professional development. For now, however, I will not be participating in any other reality shows.”

It’s no secret that many moviegoers don’t approve of those who “contaminate” themselves with television, let alone when it comes to commercials and reality shows. Vaporidis had the merit of clearing up that prejudice, right? “The freedom to make your own decisions is priceless. Life is one and if the choices made serve to enrich it, the news is welcome.

Not with everyone shipwrecked he went in love and well together. He definitely went with me Edoardo Tavasi. And considering the actor and Roman appeared “night and day” at the launch tapes. The first with an excellent career as an actor, inserted in the “intellectual” circles of cinema, the second represented by the “people”. How did such a friendship come about?

“I am and will always be a boy from Trastevere. I love to surround myself with real and good people, beyond their job. Edoardo doesn’t have a traditional intellectual profile, but he is intelligent and self-deprecating. I’m attracted to the humanity of people.”