Isola 16, Edoardo Tavassi: Everything closed with Estefania and Mercedesz?

Isola 16, Edoardo Tavassi: Everything closed with Estefania and Mercedesz?

Edoardo Tavassi, undisputed protagonist of the latest edition of the island of the famous was contacted by ThePipol about the indiscretion that would put him in pole position for the role of correspondent in the next installment of the reality show.

During the chat, the former shipwrecked man then made other interesting confessions that would also concern his biggest dream. But first some relaxation:

I’m not doing much right now, just waiting for 21 to come and visit my boyfriend Nicholas Vaporidis in London. I’ll relax a little from him. A wonderful relationship remained between us after “L’Isola”.

The brother of Guendalina Tavassi stayed on good terms with two other adventure companions:

Yes indeed, Carmen di Pietro and the son Alexander. They are really beautiful people who are also close to my way of thinking.

Regarding Mercedesz Henger and Stephanie Bernal, Edoardo Tavasi he said he still hears them:

I feel them both Of course there is who knows what relationship. From time to time we comment on stories on Instagram, we exchange likes. But the beauty is that there are no more dislikes between us, zero.

Regarding his hypothetical participation in the next “island” as a correspondent:

It would be great. I was born in tourist villages. I would know how to move well among people. I would also be able to explain the evidence and take the right initiatives. And certainly I would have a lot of fun. Of course, the idea of ​​replacing Alvin would scare me a lot. He’s a master there in that kind of role, I respect him a lot.
And if we have to dream, let’s do it. But in short, replacing it is a lot of stuff!

What program would it go with Gwendolin?

Well, equal to ‘Beijing Express’! Without thinking for a moment. As well as the ‘Big Brother Vip’. However, it has to be said that we are both very distant when it comes to television work. For example, you are a talk show and a reality war machine. She’s a perfect columnist. I think I’m good at entertaining people. That makes us very different, but union is always nice.

The dream he wants to realize:

Working in television to entertain the public. Getting paid to do what I love and make as many people laugh as possible would be best.

Edoardo Tavasi is still single:

Yes, the truth is I need to find a girl that will really entertain me. A woman who will make me feel better than I am. I haven’t met her at the moment… but I believe so. One of my dreams is to start a family.