Island of the Famous, Marialaura De Vitis still thinks of Luca Daffrè: "I understand that…"

Island of the Famous, Marialaura De Vitis still thinks of Luca Daffrè: "I understand that…"

Island of the famous, Marialaura De Vitis still thinks of Luca Daffrè: “I understand that …”

The former pupa isn’t giving up and hasn’t yet digested the sensational two of spades Luca Daffré received during (and after) L’Isola dei Famosi. Interviewed on the radio by Giada Miceli, Marialaura De Vitis admitted that she still thinks about the former suitor of men and women.

Maria Laura de Vitis it was one of shipwrecked most discussed of the last issue ofIsland of the Famous. The 24-year-old turned out to be one shipwreck persistent and determined in the proof but to be fair, easy ambiguous That is much weathervane in interpersonal dynamics. More than a month after the end of the adventure in Hondurasthe former doll has drawn one balance from their own experiencewithout neglecting them flirt never flourished Luca Daffre.

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The ex-girlfriend of Paul Brosio came into play in the race Mercedesz Henger and Fabrizia Santarelli. He had initially decided to win the heart of Alessandro Iannoni. However, his behavior has caused more than a little confusion in the US son of Carmen di Pietro, who refused to go beyond friendship. The attentions of Marialaura They therefore turned to the then newcomer Luca Daffre. The one-time tempter was never unbalanced towards him during the the final he also sent it televoting. Not the slightest reason for that controversy was his attitude to Mercedesz Henger, Backstab at the earliest opportunity. That LieHowever, they have short legs and the reaction of memes It was drastic: closed the relationship with the adventure companion.

Island of the Famous, Marialaura De Vitis admits: “Luca Daffrè? For my part, there would be a desire to … “

Lately, Maria Laura de Vitis was Guest out Giada Miceli on the radio show Non Happiness More and answered many curiosities about his path to the island of the famous. About the controversial report with the former Temptation Island tempter from Trentino Luca Daffreconfessed:

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Luke and I we feel very littlebut we have the phone number and of course we can chat via SMS or Instagram a story cannot be born because I see it detached and on his. We could see each other, yes, but we’re very far from starting a story. For my part there would be the wish but I don’t want to force it, I don’t want it at all take too many sticks I honestly avoid them, I could tell for his part, there is no interest So I take a step back. if you wanna get to know me I am available without cameras.

Speaking of friend/enemy Mercedesz Hengerinstead retrace theirs clashes within the reality show out channel 5He said: “I don’t know if that was it NOT CORRECTbut it’s definitely enough vindictive and sensitive. […] He turned on me when I showed interest Alexander. The moment I expressed mine doubt about the way she approached Edward [Tavassi, ndr], it went against me like I said who knows what”.