Island of the famous, manipulated televoting?  Lele Mora confesses that…    UnaWoman

Island of the famous, manipulated televoting? Lele Mora confesses that… UnaWoman

In 2009, the VIPs agent Lele Mora spoke of a manipulated televoting on the island of the famous, thanks to which he could win Walter Nudo the first edition of the reality show. In fact, in the interview with Ezio Greggio during “Striscia La Notia”, the man had revealed that …

They know competing artists and their managers can do this Buy televoting packages in call centers to win singing contests and reality shows?

he had asked Ezio Greggio on Lele Mora, trying to find out more about the rumors about the manipulated victories.

Dear Ezio, I believe this has been around for some time. If you want to develop an artist in a game, move in a reality show to win it. On the island of the famous the first year with Walter Nudowho was an artist who did things with me, relatives, friends and even me because would win or get a lot of votes and it adapts to us in a thousand versions.

he had said pronounced The manager revealed that what happened in Sanremo with postcards is still relevant, especially if the managers really believe in it character they want to promote.

But what had the man done to help Walter Nudo?

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It seems that you let win Walter Nudo the first edition ofIsland of the FamousLele More had suggested to friends and relatives to take lots of phone cards and lots of stations call center to get into the final standings and win his favourite.

I believe that we have among uncles, friends, relatives invested about 25,000 euros.

he had explained Mora to Ezio Greggio, He openly murmured that he would “cheat,” but stressed that there were many who would resort to it such a system.

Win a big prize, especially when it’s in Money. First place always leads to nice situations and jobs that come later. That’s why it’s sometimes done type of investment.

the man continued, not wanting to name any other names of the actor but who emphasized that it should definitely be the one who counts more than money Talent.

According to the words of blue raspberry, the President of Fimi, Enzo Mazza, yes, that was it distances itself from the statements of the agent, underlining that “the issue of televoting through call centers at an event such as the Festival, which, as we know, bets, can have one criminal value and disrupt the mechanism of the race“.

The man had hoped so too Guard of Fiannza He allegedly took action by twisting an investigation into what was highlighted by Striscia