Isabel Teixeira speaks live from a reporter after a gaffe

Isabel Teixeira speaks live from a reporter after a gaffe: ‘Descompassados’

After being “shot away” during a live broadcast by É de Casa, Isabel Teixeira opened up about what happened. This Sunday (1), the actress Thiago Simpatia left a loving message to the reporter, who at the time did not recognize the artist, giving her version of how it all happened.

Following the great response of the case, Thiago posted a print of the great Mary Bru’s interpreter kissing him. “The shock was worth it, she filled me with kisses! Isabel Teixeira, my dear, Happy New Year! I got a lot of kisses and I’m happy!” he exclaimed. She then replied: “Thiago and I entered at different times, not synchronous, I scared him but then we ran together. And it ended like this. In this picture. There is no right or wrong here. What you must do together. May 2023 be easier!”.

“It’s about doing it together. At this race in São Silvestre, everyone is together. If we listen to the sound of footsteps, all walking at the same time, we realize that everyone is walking at their own pace, but the sound makes us understand that in reality everyone is walking together,” he reflected.

Isabel Teixeira Thiago SimpatiaIsabel Teixeira left a loving message to Thiago Simpatia. (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

remember the case

While he was live at “É de Casa” this Saturday (31st), Thiago Simpatia gave Isabel Teixeira a ball at the end. Everything happened while the journalist jumped from Avenida Paulista, where the traditional race of São Silvestre took place, a made connection. The star of “Pantanal”, who took part in the competition, appeared behind the professional and said that he wanted to send a kiss to the program team and show his medal.

Not recognizing the woman from São Paulo, Thiago prevented her from leaving her message. “Wait, then you send a kiss, now it doesn’t work, wait! You’re about to be in charge!” Simpatia shouted, trying to dodge Teixeira and eventually pushing her out of the frame. “That’s it!” he explained with a smile and continued with the report.

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Isabel left the crime scene, but it wasn’t even a second before the journalist was informed of the slipup. “She’s an actress, she made a soap opera, I’ll call right away…” Thiago began, who immediately asked the famous to come near him again. “Come here, come here. They’ve released it now,” Simpatia claimed.

Exuding charisma, she put the discomfort aside and, by hugging and kissing the boy, explained why she appeared in the video. “I wanted to do a figuration. I wanted to say, ‘I want to send a kiss to Maria Beltrão, the people of É de Casa,'” he shared. “Come on now, send a kiss. She finished the race,” said Thiago, showing the actress’ medal. The two then discussed Teixeira’s performance in the race.


Isabel Teixeira was almost kicked out of the live program when she tried to kiss Maria Beltrão. Looks:

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