1672699300 Isa Scherer once again inspires OFoxico with her twin children

Isa Scherer once again inspires OFoxico with her twin children

fans and supporters of Isa Scherer started the week by activating the cuteness meter, thanks to the exmaster chef’s twin children. On Monday morning, January 2nd, the beauty showed off Bento and Mel in the stroller while she cooked.

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“Who woke up and with mom in the kitchen! Let’s bake a cake?” he said as he introduced the little ones in a cart. “I’m going to bake a cake with two special helpers,” the digital influencer joked.

The babies, fruit of the relationship of the daughter of Gustavo Scherer, the Xuxa, with Rodrigo Calazans you stand out more every day on the famous mother’s social networks.

Bento and Mel in the stroller Bento and Mel were silent while their mother cooked Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram @isascherer

Pisces grandchildren… Lately Isa Scherer showed that the desire to swim comes from the cradle. She, who is the daughter of the former swimmer Fernando SchererShe took her fourmonthold twin babies for their first swim in the pool. Xuxa was out of her relationship with her youngest daughter Brenda, 9 years old Sheila Mello.

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“First dive with Grandpa Fernando and Aunt Brenda…Could there be another Olympic medal for the family now?” wrote the model in the caption of the footage showing the experience. In the pictures Isa and Rodrigo appear, holding Mel and Bento in their arms. Fernando Scherer, on the other hand, gently puts one of the babies in the water when he lifts it, including the baby’s head, but gets scared and soon goes onto his father’s lap.

Isa Scherer's twins with their grandfather in the pool Bento and Mel swam with their grandfather for the first time Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram @isascherer

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