Is Zendaya PREGNANT with Tom Holland?  This is the TRUTH of the viral VIDEO on TikTok

Is Zendaya PREGNANT with Tom Holland? This is the TRUTH of the viral VIDEO on TikTok

The pair consists of zendaya Y Tom Holland One of the most sought after in Hollywood, both celebrities have established themselves as international stars and are known for their leading characters, which is why the camera’s eye is always on them. However, they are also an easy target for anyone with access to a digital platform, as in the case of a Video viral that circulated through tick tock where one user claimed the “Euphoria” actress was pregnantsoon after discovering the RIGHT.

in said Video viral from tick tock You see the user with an impact face, while in the background image you can see the screenshot of the alleged Instagram dand zendaya, with an image of an ultrasound and a caption with the following caption: “I love you, we’re halfway there” to capture who his partner is now in and out of Spiderman, Tom Hollandwhich caused a stir on social networks.

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Although that he Video turned viral not only inside tick tock but also on twitter, facebook and instagram everything was a joke by said user because for those who watched the full footage you can see that at the end a picture of the Kardashian’s mother pops up with the following caption: “You just be Krisseados, send this to your friends to trick them too”.

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There were millions of netizens who managed to see this VideoHowever, it wasn’t all laughter and fun, because for some fans of the couple it was a lack of respect towards the actress, since this situation would further distance her from her fans, so they asked her to apologize for this “bad” joke.

Mhoni Seer predicts Zendaya’s pregnancy

Although the Video what was done viral in tick tock It was a resounding joke, we can’t get past the prediction of Mexico’s most famous fortune teller, Mhoni Vidente, who predicted this a few weeks ago zendaya would stay pregnant from Tom Holland in the very near future, causing controversy among the people who managed to hear it.

While some were outraged, others joked about it, pointing out that given this prediction, the wait for Euphoria season 3 to release would be longer.