Is today The United States Embassy will resume tourist visa

Is today! The United States Embassy will resume tourist visa appointments

Through his official Facebook account, the US Embassy announced that the appointment service would be resumed tourist visas in Peru. They will also allow more appointments for Peruvians to apply for this procedure and get to know the United States of America.

“We are preparing to offer more tourist appointments and to take postponed appointments. We’ll be announcing the steps you need to follow starting today on this very page,” the post reads.

On the other hand, the institution emphasized that it is important that they have complete information at the time of filling in the data Application for a nonimmigrant visa.

“Starting March 1, 2023, the consular section will no longer accept partially completed nonimmigrant visa applications. Appointments for partially completed applications will also not be accepted. This also applies to applicants who have changed the barcode on the DS-160 form themselves. To avoid any inconvenience, please fill out your DS-160 form correctly before making an appointment.

How to make an appointment for a tourist visa?

  • To make your appointment at the Embassy of the United States, you must enter HERE.
  • Then you have to choose an option: If you a Visas of tourism or if you already have a previously made appointment.
  • Finally, you must follow the instructions that the same web portal puts at your disposal.