is surprised by an extraordinary mobilization of employees from SP, RJ and BH  RD1

is surprised by an extraordinary mobilization of employees from SP, RJ and BH RD1

globeGlobo faces a standstill with its staff (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

THE globe was surprised this afternoon Friday (19) with a work stoppage by its employees. Groups from Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte gave up their jobs and protested for a better salary increase than the one offered by the company.

With the support of the Union of Journalists of the Three Capitals, demonstrations began in front of the three headquarters. Participation was high and even mobilized GloboNews staff. The outage lasted about two and a half hours, according to TV News.

Journalists acted after discovering the 7% pay increase, which employees didn’t see as a real increase. Because of this, they campaigned for an increase that should be greater than inflation, around 10.75%.

Globo wants to solve the problem and arranges a meeting

Also according to the report, a meeting was scheduled this month to resolve the issue. Images of the movement circulated in WhatsApp groups.

Globo did not comment on this, nor did the unions in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte. On the other hand, Record and SBT have replaced salaries this year.

GloboNews programming was unaffected by the disruption, as were editions of Globo TV news such as Jornal Hoje, Jornal Nacional, Jornal da Globo and local TV news.

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The wages demonstration surprised everyone. At the same time, the family channel Marinho has already reached the first billion reais with sponsorship quotas for the World Cup in Qatar, which is scheduled for November and December this year.

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