Is summer going to be extended this year?  – The weather network

Is summer going to be extended this year? – The weather network

In summary :

  • Summer hasn’t said its last word yet;
  • Possible heat wave this weekend;
  • The season should work overtime.

Smooth transition

While the bang seems unlikely until September, Quebec likely won’t transition to fall for several weeks. Zonal flow should ensure the presence of relatively constant heat for the next fortnight. While the strong anticyclonic zone is well established in the west of the continent, the trajectory of winds at altitude will allow Belle province to benefit from warm temperatures. In fact, mercury should remain slightly above seasonal norms.


extra time

The end of the persistent heat is the main indicator of the end of summer. If the temperature repeatedly falls below 20 degrees, it is a sign that autumn is coming. In Montreal, this happens around September 9th. This year, southern Quebec should be dominated by the heat through the end of the month. All regions could therefore benefit from a prolonged string of above-average temperatures.


Still summer

Current models show a very encouraging long-term perspective. In fact, after the brief heatwave forecast for this weekend, mercury should remain very close to seasonal normals. Although average highs are gradually falling, warm and comfortable temperatures are expected. A selective immersion is not excluded, but the feelings could even reach 30 at times.

CORR VMET11 meteogram

*In collaboration with Nicolas Lessard, meteorologist. *

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