Is Juan Gabriel alive Maryfer Centeno shows audio that

Is Juan Gabriel alive? Maryfer Centeno shows audio that exploded social networks

  • An alleged audio recording is circulating in which Juan Gabriel denies his death and announces his return.

A few days ago the long-awaited series was released Televisa UnivisionDivo or dead, an original project by Unicable. With this production, viewers will learn more about the theories surrounding the mystery surrounding the death of singer Juan Gabriel, known as Divo de Juárez, whose death was announced on August 28, 2016. However, there are versions circulating that the famous singer-songwriter did not actually die.

Now, An audio recording would reinforce the idea that Juan Gabriel would still be with us and although it was said on many occasions that he was still alive, the sources were not as reliable as they are today.

Maryfer Centeno, The graphologist to the stars revealed that she has received an audio recording in which a voice claims to be Juan Gabriel and reveals the reasons why she decided to fake her death.

He uploaded the said audio to his social networks and a voice is heard very similar to that of the singer who claims that he never contacted Martha Figueroa about the documentary they are making about him. In addition, the voice of the alleged Juanga reveals that it was someone close to him who took care of him all these years.

He also stated that he would soon give an interview to a media outlet to clarify that he was supposedly still alive.

The original idea for the series came from journalist Martha Figueroa, who is also an associate producer. / Francisco Mancera

Despite everything, the graphologist pointed out that it sounds very similar to the voice of the Divo of Juárez, We must accept reservations so that he will soon analyze this supposed evidence from the singer’s life.

Divo of Juárez was declared dead on August 28, 2016
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