Is Fabri Fibra dead?  The news is going around the internet, but…

Is Fabri Fibra dead? The news is going around the internet, but…

We are now used to fake news, which sometimes manages to create more hype than real news. The latter concerned the rapper Fabri Fibra. In fact, during these hours, a rumor has spread that Fabri Fibra has been the victim of an accident. A completely unfounded message that has made the rounds on social media…

In the world of the social fake news unfortunately they are on the agenda. Not only that, it’s so sure to happen News, While unfounded, they may have more noise and resonance than the real ones. It seems impossible, but sometimes it just happens! The latest sensation fake news that the web has swept over the rapper Fabri Fibrawho is currently touring Italy with concerts.

In the past few hours, word has gotten around that the rapper would have stayed victim from a Accident. “Fabri Fibra is died”, This is the title that’s popping up in some newspapers and has obviously gone viral on social media.

Fabri Fibra: Fake News

Fabre Fibra (1)

According to reports from some newspapers on the Internet, the news of the accident would be absolutely unfounded. On the other hand, Fabri Fibra he’s been inside for the past few hours Sardinia, and more precisely to Alghero, where he sang Concert, Also post some photos from less than a day ago. On August 15, however, he was there Olbia, where he sang for the many fans who took notice to be able to see him.

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In short, the 45 year old rapper fortunately she is fine. Another confirmation that the death message is only one fake news are born and distributed on the Internet come from the most important national newspapers. Nobody reported the consequence He didn’t mention any either Accident: From official sources it is therefore impossible that something could have happened Fabri Fibra.

After this shock, now i fan wait for the rapper Come back to keep posting Instagram, maybe ironic about who is spreading this Fake News of death.