Is eating stale foods bad for you or not School

Is eating stale foods bad for you or not? School education

With the aim of health the consumer must have an expiry date for every type of food. Despite this, this deadline is not always respected, so many consume products that have exceeded the deadline. Thinking about it, we decided to bring you today some reasons why you should not consume expired foods as they are bad for your health. See how dangerous it is to cultivate this habit.

The danger of eating expired food

From tests and studies conducted in laboratories, it is possible to obtain the expiry date of a given food since its manufacture. Incidentally, the manufacturer is responsible for declaring the harmlessness of the food (in relation to the expiry date). The date is not exactly the one given as the days are slightly shortened to increase security.

In any case, not respecting this deadline and consuming products that exceed this date, even for a few days, can cause serious problems that endanger people’s wellbeing.

Consuming expired food often causes stomach upset, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea and food infections. By the way, it is bacterial infections that cause these symptoms. Even Escherichia coli and Salmonella spp. are the best known. In addition, the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum is also present in some products that are already obsolete.

A person infected with it can suffer from botulism, a disease that occurs due to the release of toxins from this bacterium. Believe me, this can kill the patient. It is also important to add that the more you consume expired foods, the more severe the symptoms.

It is extremely important to avoid eating anything in this state. People with diabetes or other chronic diseases are more prone to health problems. Symptom severity is also greater when consuming expired foods.

In order to increase safety, the manufacturer must state the permitted consumption time after opening the food in addition to the shelf life. Because they are determinants of food quality, the preservation and production process must be done responsibly to preserve consumer health.