Irvin García’s ashes rest “under his favorite mango tree”

Irvin García’s ashes rest “under his favorite mango tree”

For more than three decades, the group has been nueva trova knitting in another son sublime the Culture Puerto Rican through the musicalization of poems and the authorship of their own songs. On Tuesday, January 17, 2023, Irvin García, one of the founding members, transcended the earth plane due to the Cancer of the liver, which he was diagnosed in September 2021.

According to the drummer’s sentimental partner, Ivelisse Rubio, doctors gave the composer a short life expectancy for some of the songs that are now an integral part of Puerto Rican folklore. Garcia excelled, as with all projects that came his way.

This period also helped the group, which was also part of the groups Tanamá, Atabal, MusiCaribe and DeAventura, to devote themselves to two projects that started as a dream: “Invisible Singers” and “La misa caribeña”.

“For ‘Invisible Singers’ I already had some musical arrangements and a selection of the people who would do it,” Rubio reported in an interview with The new day. “It’s possible (that they will be published) because when I was already ill we talked about the fact that they are beautiful works not to be missed.” added.

Just as he chose to keep his illness process private, the writer, who for more than six years had the weekly column “Oye cómo va” in the culture supplement “En rojo” of the Claridad newspaper, asked when he died his remains were cremated. There will also be no ceremony.

For his part, Rubio ticked off every item on the musician’s wish list. The last, “that his ashes will rest in his favorite mango tree.”

García’s last official presentation with the group Haciendo Punto en Otro Son, remembered his life partner, took place in December 2019, where they shared the stage of the Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum of Puerto Rico with Grinding Glass and Fell a la Vega. The show was called “Un junte para la historia” and was presented to a full house.

“Then he took part in a small intervention carried out by the House of Silverio (Pérez) in a virtual format. Even during the pandemic he was not active,” he said.