Irina Baeva conquers the net with a red micro bikini

Irina Baeva conquers the net with a red micro bikini

Celebrity vacations only make you want to take a trip to the Beach to enjoy a hot climate and the benefits of the sea (or the pool), to forget for a moment the winter season; but they not only demonstrate, they also know how swanky style in the most iconic way. While it is true that many have stolen everyone’s eyes, it has been so for the past few days Irina Baeva who She gave a lot of stories for her looks in bikinis.

Well, in the midst of her vacation, which she appears to be enjoying with her fiancé Gabriel Soto, whom she has rumored to be splitting up for months, she’s hit fashion like never before with the prettiest and most feminine beach outfits in mini-shorts forming the perfect duo. Of course, that’s not all, as life on the beach modeled that as well Swimsuits more insightful. Only in the last few hours did he cause a stir when he joined trend of the moment with a red micro bikini with which he sighed.

This is how Irina enjoys her vacation on Isla Mujeres. (Photo: IG @irinabaeva)

This is how the actress showed off her figure from the yacht

Via her official Instagram account, where the famous 30-year-old shared an icon Photo shooting Boasting a sunny day overlooking the sea while enjoying the amenities of a luxury yacht with drinks and food. Although the previous image intrigued many because her slender and shapely figure stands out thanks to the exercise, the furor broke out with a second in color in which she also appears set fashion.

Lying on a yacht and enjoying the sun’s rays to keep the perfect tan, Irina Baeva surprised with a red micro bikini quite revealing and ideal for showing off a flat tummy and an incredibly bulging stomach, not to mention how vibrant it is highlight the tan; whilst worn in the bodice with the classic triangle shape and perfect to show off a pronounced cleavage.

Such a daring look can’t be complete with pieces like the previous ones, and the Amor Divided actress showed it by also giving one fashionable chair Wearing jewelry on the beach with a few tricks that all women can follow on their next beach vacation. The first of these consists in wearing necklaces of different sizes to brighten the image, complementing them with earrings and bracelets.

A pair of sunglasses is also a must. (Photo: IG @irinabaeva)

And he also surprises with a black swimsuit

As we have told you on other occasions, the Black causes a sensation in fashion enjoy the beach and if Paty Cantú showed a few weeks ago that a black micro bikini is perfect for flaunting style, now Irina Baeva made it clear that other, less revealing designs are also ideal for young women, especially if you know how to wear them.

In the same Instagram post for which he disabled comments and just wrote “Sea la vie,” he also boasted about a flirtation swimsuit a piece in which emphasizes the sobriety of black, but thanks to the white details it gives it a pretty captivating touch. Contrary to popular belief, a dark shade like this has the same effect as red to accentuate a heart attack tan.

Irina Baeva confirmed that she is one of the most beautiful women. (Photo: IG @irinabaeva)


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