Prison for Two Young Impromptu Pimps

Iran: Two journalists convicted

According to local media, a court in Tehran sentenced two journalists to three years in prison, part of which was suspended, for “conspiracy” and “collusion.”

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Elnaz Mohammadi of the daily Ham Mihan and Negin Bagheri of the Haft-e Sobh newspaper were sentenced to serve 1/40th of their sentence, or a little less than a month, in detention, their lawyer Amir Raisian said. in Ham Mihan.

“The remainder of the sentence will be suspended for five years,” he added. During this time, the convicts must attend “professional ethics” courses and are not allowed to leave Iran.

Elnaz Mohammadi was detained for a week in February for unknown reasons.

She is the sister of Elahe Mohammadi, another journalist from the Hammihan daily, who has been detained since September 2022 for covering the funeral of Mahsa Amini.

The death of this 22-year-old Kurdish woman, who died after being arrested by moral police for allegedly violating the Islamic Republic’s very strict clothing regulations, sparked protests across the country.

Hundreds of people were killed in these protests, including dozens of members of the security forces.

Thousands of protesters were also arrested and accused by authorities of taking part in “riots” instigated by Israel, Iran’s arch-enemy, and Western countries.

Local media recently reported that more than 90 journalists have been arrested or questioned since the protests.