Iran The Regime Returns To Control The Veil Text Messages

Iran, The Regime Returns To Control The Veil: Text Messages To Women Not Wearing Hijab In Car

“The lack of veil was spotted in your car. You must abide by the rules of society and do not repeat this action.” The scheme of Tehran returns to insist on the veil and the duty placed on women wear it and send this mobile message to the “surprising” women at Manual without headgear. The Iranian authorities’ initiative is part of the new phase of the programme Nazer-1 (surveillance in Farsi), which rolled out across the country in 2020 and awaits resumption monitoring by the police on the hijab (the Islamic veil) by the Women by car. The threat contained in an earlier version of the report that “repeated offenses will result in legal and judicial consequences” has been removed. The plan includes sending a “reminder” by SMS for the Owner of the car in which the veil and a message to whom converts.

In recent months, the veil has once again become an excuse to plan to impose Womenafter the death of the 22-year-old Mahsa Amini just as he was being arrested at the police moral because the headgear is not worn properly. After the seizure of power Khomeinithe veil represented a coveted “revenge” against the ban on wearing it Shah. But now it has become a symbol of an inner fracture in humanity societybetween those who are loyal to the principles of the revolution and those who are tired of the impositions.

controls by the authorities – After the demonstrations after the death of mahsa aminithe morality police stopped arresting women who walked the streets bareheaded and took them to the train station police. In early December, the Iranian Attorney General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri stated that the Deputy Police Units, known as the Gasht-e Ershad (“travel lane”), were closed. But the activists remained skeptical as the decision appeared to be more of an impromptu answer to a question asked at a conference than a clear announcement of the Ministry of the Interior. At the same time, reports on social media suggest that patrol activities have also resumed of the Irshadthe vice police, on the streets of Tehran. Beforehand, Mohammad Jaafar Montazerithe country’s Attorney General, had stated that the activity of this force played a role in the killing mahsa aminiwas suspended”.

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