1664704879 Iran releases Bagher Namazi he can leave the country

Iran releases Bagher Namazi: he can leave the country

TEHRAN – The Iranian-American citizen Bagher Namazi He can leave Iran whenever he wants: the decision, made on humanitarian grounds due to his health condition, was announced by the head of international affairs of Iran’s judiciary Kazem Gharibabadi, quoted by Irna. Namazi, who along with his son Siamak he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for espionage, he was treated for four years at his home in Tehran. In June, Namazi published an editorial in the New York Times in which he “begged” US President Joe Biden to consider a prisoner swap with Tehran to allow him to leave the country.

Namazi had long asked to be allowed to go abroad for treatment, and Gharibabadi specified that the decision to let him leave the country dates back to Wednesday. Son Siamak was given a week’s leave to visit his parents, he added.

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by Bret Stephens October 1, 2022Iran releases Bagher Namazi he can leave the country