Iran: London does not rule out further reprisals after execution of Iranian  Brit

Iran: London does not rule out further reprisals after execution of Iranian Brit

London is not ruling out further retaliation against Iran after the execution of an Iranian-British man accused of spying for British intelligence, Foreign Secretary James said on Monday.

“Now we must consider with our allies the next steps we will take to counter the growing threat from Iran. We are not limiting ourselves to measures already announced,” Cleverly told the House of Commons.

However, despite urgent pleas from parliamentarians, the minister refused to say whether the UK intends to add the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the Islamic Republic’s ideological army, to the list of terrorist organizations. A spokesman for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had also previously told reporters that the government would “consider further action” with its allies.

“You have to be accountable”

Following Saturday’s execution of Alireza Akbari, 61, a former Iranian Defense Ministry official and Iranian-British national, the UK responded with sanctions against Iran’s Attorney General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri. London also summoned the Iranian chargé d’affaires to the country and “temporarily” recalled its ambassador to Tehran.

“The execution of Mr Akbari comes after decades of oppression by a ruthless regime,” said Cleverly, pledged Britain’s support for the Iranian people who “demand rights and freedoms”. “We are witnessing the vengeful actions of a weakened and isolated regime obsessed with the annihilation of its own people, weakened by its fear of losing power and ruining its reputation in the world,” he added.

“Our message to this regime is clear: the world is watching and you will be held accountable, especially to the brave people of Iran,” Cleverly said. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani responded on Twitter that the execution of Alireza Akbari was Tehran’s response to “the United Kingdom’s actions, which violated the national security of the Islamic Republic, from Iran.” He added that the response from London and human rights NGOs “shows their lawlessness and illegality”.