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Iran: attack on military installation

An Iranian military installation was attacked with drones overnight. The attack was “unsuccessful”, state media reported. One drone was shot down and two others exploded in defense traps, the Defense Ministry said, according to state news agency IRNA. There is only “minor damage” to the roof of the facility in Isfahan, central Iran.

Apparently a munitions factory was affected. Iranian news agencies reported a loud explosion. In videos, rescue and fire engines can be seen next to a burning building.

At the same time, a large fire broke out at an oil processing plant in the northwest of the country. Dozens of firefighters fought the fire overnight, not far from the provincial capital, Tabris, which, according to media reports, started for reasons still unclear. At least one worker was injured. The fire was so devastating that a fire engine also fell victim to the flames. Videos from the Fars agency showed a sea of ​​flames.

In recent years there have been several explosions and fires at military, nuclear and industrial facilities in Iran. The Iranian nuclear program is very controversial internationally and Israel in particular is a thorn in the side. This has repeatedly threatened military strikes to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power. Iran does not recognize the existence of Israel. He supports Russian aggression against Ukraine with arms supplies.