Iran a new campaign to monitor the wearing of the

Iran: a new campaign to monitor the wearing of the veil by women

Published on: 2023-01-02 – 22:44

More than 100 days after the death in custody of young Iranian Mahsa Amini, who was arrested by vice police for improperly wearing the veil, Iranian police have launched a new campaign to monitor women’s hijab. Hundreds of people have been killed and thousands arrested in the demonstrations since the end of September.

With our correspondent in Tehran, Siavosh Ghazi

According to a police official quoted by the Fars news agency, this new campaign is called “Nazer-1”, which means “surveillance” in Persian. If a motorist or passenger does not wear the veil, the owner will receive a message urging them to respect the hijab and not repeat this act.

For the time being, the police are content with sending a simple text message without penalties or fines. But several MPs have said in recent weeks offenders can face fines. In the past the car was idle for a few weeks.

Young women without veils

After the protests that followed the death of Mahsa Aminithe authorities announced in early December Disappearance of the Vice Police who arrested poorly veiled women and girls on the street.

In fact, in recent weeks we have seen more and more young girls or women not wearing a veil walking in the street without police intervention. But several conservative clergymen have called for police action to enforce the veil.