1695352349 ion of solidarity towards a family forced to live in

ion of solidarity towards a family forced to live in a garage

After the broadcast of the TVA-Nouvelles report on Wednesday, dozens of citizens offered furniture to Vitalia Toretto, this mother and her three children who had left the rented house in Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon because of mold in the garage, just next door, for 2 months .

Dozens of messages of support and encouragement were also sent to the family.

The minister responsible for housing, France-Élaine Duranceau, has also taken care of the matter, while Ms. Toretto has an appointment on Friday morning at the offices of the municipal housing department of Joliette, where her file will be analyzed.

In particular, he could be eligible for the rent supplement program.

After this wave of support, she wanted to send a message to citizens.

“Thank you to everyone who follows me, thank you for your moral support,” says Ms. Toretto. Seriously, you’ve made my life better lately because I couldn’t see the end. I was out of breath, exhausted and so were my children. Among humans we are capable of performing miracles and that is what has happened in my life at the moment.”

Another woman is now living in her car in Repentigny.

The citizen contacted by TVA Nouvelles preferred to remain anonymous.

She posted a message on social media in the last few hours saying she was “looking for a place to stay that costs less than $500 a month.”

“Right now I’m sleeping in my car,” she adds. This worries me because it’s starting to get cold. I don’t have much money, I don’t have much gas.”

She has just found a new job but will not receive her full salary until October and is asking for help.

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