Investigators find a new batch of classified documents in Bidens

Investigators find a new batch of classified documents in Biden’s home

Investigators with the US Department of Justice found a new batch of classified documents at President Joe Biden’s residence in Wilmington, Delaware, a presidential attorney said Saturday (21).

Alongside notes by the Democratic politician, six classified papers were found, some from when Biden served as a senator and others from when he was the country’s vice president. Neither the President nor First Lady, Jill Biden, were present at Friday’s (20th) search.

This is the third wave of documents found in Biden’s possession. After aides to the president found papers in a private office in Washington and in the garage of his Wilmington home, the Justice Department last week appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the matter.

The contents of the documents were not disclosed. It is also unclear why the papers were not kept in the US National Archives as required by law.

Out there

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“I don’t think you’ll find anything there [nos documentos]’ Biden said on Thursday (19th). “We are fully cooperating and hope this will be resolved soon.”

The case came to light after his biggest political opponent, Donald Trump, became the target of a federal investigation and hastened a frying process for doing essentially the same thing albeit on a larger scale and with important differences.

In Trump’s case, the volume of documents was much larger and included national security documents. In addition, the former president refused to cooperate with the investigation and allowed the FBI to search his home in MaraLago, Florida.

At the time, Biden called the episode with its predecessor “completely irresponsible” and is now offering Republicans and Trump himself a full record to accuse him of hypocrisy.