1690010306 Interpretation without credibility

Interpretation without credibility

Interpretation without credibility

The art of acting, whether they have many registers or whether it is enough to flaunt their personality, requires above all to give the characters credibility. Someone writes what the actors and actresses should say and do, the director designs their performances, but it is they who must seduce and persuade the audience, bring authenticity to the people they play. The political class is trying to sell the public a supposedly unbeatable product and the certainty that the world and their lives work better when they support it. But most of these actors do it fatally, their gestures seem false or mechanical, they repeat identical slogans until the listener is exhausted, they are neither brilliant nor truthful.

I imagine their continued presence is beneficial to television, even as they disguise their bland fights under the pretense that they are fulfilling a sacred social mission. And that’s why they’re having to temporarily park what’s most dear to them during the election campaign. In other words, the alarming events, murders, rapes, beatings, kidnappings, the morbidity of the blood that feeds the big market. They also forget the pink chronicle, the surveillance of nothingness. But they continue to devote adequate time to what overwhelms employees the most, which is the weather. Talk about the damn heat and if it’ll give us temporary relief. This concern is real and just as important as the health of our checking account. In addition to debates between the heads of state and government, the television broadcasts also offer analyzes and meetings between experts. And you know what almost everyone will tell you before they open their humanistic mouth. Also how clear they are about the non-negotiable identity of good guys and bad guys.

I read two pages in this newspaper about how my dear Iñigo Domínguez monitored the news on public television for ten days. He abolished the private ones. I don’t want to imagine this torture.

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