Insults to Bruno and singing: Thiago Gagliasso becomes condo horror

Insults to Bruno and singing: Thiago Gagliasso becomes condo horror

Thiago Gagliasso became the terror of the Península residential complex in Barra da Tijuca at dawn last Sunday.

The Bolsonarista actor spent the night celebrating his election as a state deputy in Rio de Janeiro and this column syringes discovered some details that bothered the neighbors a lot.

After the election result, Thiago began loudly listening to songs, including “Vou Festejar” by Beth Carvalho. The actor made it a point to yell a few lines, such as “Crying I won’t call? The time has come, will you pay me, can you cry?”. All of this, as reported by a source in this column, around 3am.

In addition to singing, Thiago also spoke out against his brother Bruno Gagliasso. Between one song and another, he called out, “Hey, my brother, take these…”.

The ritual of celebration echoed amidst the luxurious condominium in Rio’s West Zone.

Asked by the column to comment on the matter, Thiago read the news and did not return. He also didn’t take calls.

In a video posted to Instagram, the new MP celebrated 102,038 votes and invited his brother, with whom he has not had a proper relationship for three years due to political disagreements, to work with him in his cabinet.

“I’ve had a few protest votes that I know. ‘I’ll vote for him just because of the shit his brother says.’ You beat up the ballot box okay? You think I’m being silly? You talked so much shit about giving me so many votes. So thank you. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. And you’re invited to be part of the cabinet. Don’t you want to support the culture? Show your class the works we’re going to do and how public money is used in culture. I’ll teach you. Come over here. Stop by the office.”