Instagram of Mirella Santos with 13 million fans is deleted

Instagram of Mirella Santos with 13 million fans is deleted: “I chipped”

Influencer Mirella Santos, one of the “Gêmeas Lacração”, had her Instagram account shut down. The Pernambuco profile had more than 13 million followers.

She shared the decline in the account with followers through her sister’s profile. “I’m broke, I cried, but that’s life. Follow (my new profile) there,” she said, revealing the reserve account (@eumialy).

“Manas I was very full on my boat trip enjoying the fact that I am famous now and Instagram deleted my account. I have 13 million [de seguidores]. I had. guys i’m so sad. It hasn’t sunk yet,” she said on the reserve account.

She uses Instagram to share her daily life and routine with family and friends in dozens of short daily videos. The Pernambuco native went viral on the internet in 2018 with her twin sister Mariely and her cousin Paloma Santos, MC Loma, owner of the hit song “Envolvimento”. Between October 2022 and earlier this year, Mirella’s profile went from 6 million to 13.

syringes contacted Meta, the company that manages Instagram, to understand why the influencer’s Instagram was disabled. There hasn’t been a return yet, but the place is still open.