Insights into Ladies’ Paradise January 20th: Clara and Alfredo race    CiakGeneration

Insights into Ladies’ Paradise January 20th: Clara and Alfredo race CiakGeneration

ladies paradise it does not stop, but prepares for that season 7 the That will work and in fact it is already planned in the next television program. After confirmation from Success with the sixth season (which ended in April), the Rai 1 soaps continues between new stories and many more emotions. Of course, the fans already want to know more about the development of events and who is coming or going the world of the Milan department store. For this we will try to collect here bit by bit all the previews of the cast, the plot of the new episodes and when it starts there Season 7 of Ladies Heaven.

We advise you to consult this post regularly so as not to miss all the updates of the soap minute by minute!

Further developments and plotting of new episodes

Let’s start with the hottest topic, ie What will be the plot of the new episodes of Il Paradiso delle Signore 7 and whether they already exist Preview of the next season. For now, we can confirm that the soap’s new season will take place, according to a press release published by Aurora TV.

“The set of the Paradiso delle Signore Daily will reopen in May and the series will be broadcast next autumn on Rai 1 with new episodes to continue telling dreams, aspirations, love and friendships in Italy between 1963 and 1964.”

So not only does this tell us about the return of the series, it also tells us about it The plot of season 7 from The Ladies’ Paradise Will Be discontinued between ’63 and ’64.

During this time we should see:

  • Adelaide’s revenge on Umberto and Flora
  • the joint return of Ludovica and Marcello
  • the married life of Anna and Salvatore
  • Gemma’s revenge on Marco and Stefania
  • Vittorio’s Conquest of Happiness

At the moment, in fact, these are the main events expected from the development of the stories in the new episodes. Anticipated events from the final episode of season six aired on Rai 1 through April 2022.

Roberto Farnesi also spoke to the press Preview of the episodes of Il Paradiso delle Signore 7making sure:

“The new series starts at three thousand and the most sensational news concerns my Umberto and his love triangle with Adelaide and Flora”.

In the coming weeks there will certainly be more news that we will inform you about.

Filming and when to start

In the same Aurora TV press release we saw a little above, the public not only learned a little more about the storyline, but more importantly When does The Ladies’ Paradise begin?. Next season will be broadcast again in the fall, to continue without major interruptions until next spring. Waiting to find out what it is start date Exact release of the new season we have to be content that Il Paradiso delle Signore 7 starts on 12.09.

the series castwhich stopped recording last March is back on its feet on set from May 30, 2022. the he resumed from Il Paradiso delle Signore 7 will therefore start at the end of May and last until the heart of summer, finally to be resumed after the August break.

It’s the soap’s protagonists themselves who tell us how the work is progressing via social media. And from their Instagram stories it was easier to understand which of the historical protagonists stayed in the series and who left the soap instead.

When does The Ladies’ Paradise end 7

Another question soap audiences often seek an answer to is: When does The Ladies’ Paradise end 7?

Never before has the soap’s programming been anything like a dancer like this year. In addition to the unexpected events due to the political elections in September 2022, the course of the series was also interrupted by the World Cup in Qatar, for which Il Paradiso delle Signore had to pause for two weeks.

In answering the question in question, for now, we know that the end of the shooting is expected at the end January 2023. To be more precise, the work will end on Friday, January 27, 2023. Following the model of the previous year, the episodes of the seventh season of The Ladies’ Paradise should end at March 2023.

The Ladies’ Paradise 7 Cast: Who Returns and Who Doesn’t

Who comes back and who doesn’t in which Cast of the seventh season of Heaven of the Ladies?

At present we can say very little on this subject either. We know that most likely there should always be:

  • Alessandro Tersigni (Vittorio Conti)
  • Roberto Farnesi (Umberto Guarnieri)
  • Vanessa Gravina (Adelaide by Sant’Erasmo)
  • Emmanuel Caserio (Salvatore lover)
  • Antonella Attili (Agnes Amato)
  • Klara Russo (Maria Puglisi)
  • Julia Vecchio (Anna Imbriani)
  • Peter Genuardi (Armando Ferraris)
  • Julia Arena (Ludovica Brancia)
  • Grace Ambrose (Stefania Colombo)
  • Curia Moses (Brand of Sant’Erasmo)
  • Magdalena Grochowska (Flavia Brancia)
  • Massimo Pogio (Ezio Colombo)
  • Valentina Bartolo (Veronica Zanatta)
  • Lara Komar (Gloria Moreau)
  • Fabio Fulco (Brown Tower)
  • Greta Oldoni (Florence)
  • Philip Scarafia (Roberto Landi)
  • Francesca del Fa (Irene Cipriani)
  • Maria Vittoria Cozzella (Dora Vianello)
  • Gaia Bavaro (Jewel)

Luca Bastianello and Caterina Bertone will not return, respectively Dante Romagnoli and Beatrice Conti who, after so many obstacles, were able to decide to leave Milan together to rebuild their life together. Neither will exist: Neva Leoni (Tina), Luke Capuano (Sandro), Julia Chiaramonte (Sofia), Luca Grispini (Nino) and Maria Vittoria Cozzella (Dora).

From mid-January until the end of the season he also leaves Alessandro Tersigni. However, Vittorio Conti should pick up the thread of his story with Matilde again at the beginning of the following season.

For the rest, we’ll see if the cast of the seventh season of Il Paradiso delle Signore doesn’t find itself again some old acquaintanceas has already happened in recent years.

For example, it is now certain that we will meet again Elisa Cheli (the Venus Paola Galletti, who appeared on the soap opera between 2018 and 2021), as well as Gabriel Anagni (Who is Alfredo Perico) e Christian Caccamo (Fifth), and that the occupation of the Paradiso delle Signore 7 is enriched by:

  • Elisa Camarone is Clara Boscolo
  • Elijah Deutsch is Vito Lamantia
  • Clare Danish is Elvira Gallo
  • Chiara Baschetti is Mathilde Frigerio
  • Flavio Parenti it is Tancredi of Sant’Erasmo
  • Valentina Tomada is Palma Rizzo
  • ChristianRobert is Francesco Rizzo

More about their characters? We tell you everything!

New Characters

In between new characters of Ladies Paradise 7 there are Clara, Vito, Elvira and Mathilde. Here’s what we know about them from the official previews:

Mathilde she is married to Tancredi, brother of Marco di Sant’Erasmo. She will be the one who gets Vittorio’s heart racing again after arriving in Milan after a fight with her husband. In fact, relations between her and her partner are strained because Tancredi would like to relegate her to a subordinate position, but Matilde has a free and independent soul. She inherited the management of a furniture factory from her father, which she kept alive until it burned down. Now Adelaide, with whom Matilde has an excellent relationship, will offer her a prominent position in the management of Paradise. With what consequences?

Vitus He comes from a small village near Palermo, where he was only ever concerned with life in the fields. Ambitious and determined, however, he decided to change his future by traveling to Milan and getting hired at Paradiso as an accountant. Here he will know the love of one of Venus and try to move on forever, but he will also have to deal with his past.

Klara she is the nephew of Don Saverio, whom she asked for help in finding a job. The girl, who comes from a poor extended family, actually preferred to earn financial support in this way rather than to meet the interest that her father arranged for the marriage. Now, in paradise, she has become a Venus and her life takes a new turn.

Elvira she is also a newcomer among the Venuses, but compared to the others, she has a non-slender physique. In this way, she competes with her colleagues, who, in her opinion, are only more beautiful because they have less robust shapes. His strength, however, is irony, with which he can conquer practically anyone.

Tancred He is the husband of Matilde, brother of Marco and nephew of Adelaide. After years of cutting off his wife’s wings and preventing her from living in the freedom that is her due, Tancredi goes to Milan, where Matilde is being lodged, and seeks help from her aunt with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking her back. A nasty surprise awaits him: Matilde falls in love with Vittorio.

Palm tree She is a friend of the Amatos and shows up at the cafeteria with her son Francesco to look for Salvatore. He will offer her to stay at his house while she waits for a place to stay and find out more about what brought her to Milan. The woman also immediately approaches Armando, who seems immediately smitten with her.

Streaming Ladies Paradise 7 RaiPlay

Among the other previews we can give you about the Season 7 of Ladies Heaven there is that the soap will continue to air also streaming on RaiPlay.

To watch the episodes, you can choose between the live and on-demand versions. In the first case, it is necessary to connect to the RaiPlay platform at the same time as the broadcast on TV. However, in the second you will have to wait for the end of the first viewing, after which the episode will be uploaded online to the program card.

The RaiPlay service is free, but to use it 100% you need to be registered.