Ingrid Coronado would have sued Fernando del Solar weeks before his death

Ingrid Coronado would have sued Fernando del Solar weeks before his death

Posted in PROMINENTS on 07/31/2022 06:30 am

A month after the death of Fernando del Solar, his widow Anna Ferro was used as an image for Hello! magazine. Mexico where shared details of the final moments he spent with the charismatic TV host and the legal issues he has faced in recent months.

In the lengthy conversation, the yoga teacher shared with readers that the past few months had been difficult for her. Fernando then had to respond to a new lawsuit filed by his ex-wife Ingrid Coronado.

Anna Ferro explained that it was weeks before the death of the Argentine presenter’s father when they received notification of the lawsuit.

“The day after his father died, we had a socioeconomic study for this lawsuit (which was filed by his ex-wife)… It’s the first lawsuit they’ve brought to me in my life. I’ve never been sued!’” he explained.

Fernando del Solar died of pneumonia
Photo: Instagram

The widow of Fernando del Solar revealed that due to the emotional situation the driver was going through due to her father’s health condition, she had to take over the court case against him.

He had no head at all. Nonetheless, he took responsibility. I helped him by providing all the documents for asking us for this socio-economic study that had neither a head nor a tail. His big conflict was trying to cope,” he explained.

Fernando del Solar secured the future of his children

Apparently Fernando del Solar although he was separated for several years Ingrid Coronado She was always aware of her children’s education and tried to intervene in all decisions that directly affected them.

As a matter of fact, ever since he found out that his life was in danger due to his medical diagnosis, he tried to financially secure the future of Luciano and Paoloa decision Anna has supported and always agreed with.

“By the time I met him, he had already created an estate for each of his children in case he was ever missed. The boys’ mother has been collecting rent from these houses to support the children,” he added.

Fernando del Solar and his two children, born from his marriage to Ingrid Coronado
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After the publication of this interview, it turned out this week Anna Ferro could legally confront Ingrid Coronado to clarify the fate of the property she is currently living in, Well, according to journalist Jorge Carbajal, the estate was bought by Fernando del Solar and the former Garibaldi.

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