Ingrid Coronado and Anna Ferro: a wound reopened in the most painful way

Ingrid Coronado and Anna Ferro: a wound reopened in the most painful way

Ingrid Coronado at a press conference.  (Jaime Nogales/Media and Media/Getty Images)

Ingrid Coronado at a press conference. (Jaime Nogales/Media and Media/Getty Images)

Just over a month after the death of Fernando del Solar, there are still many questions to be answered. In particular, Ingrid Coronado and Anna Ferro, ex-wife and last wife of the Argentine driver, have been involved in an awkward media exchange these days regarding legal matters.

It was Ferro who brought the subject back. In an interview with Hola! the yoga teacher mentioned that Coronado sued del Solar exactly one day before his death. According to Anna’s version, she and her husband had begun completing the necessary procedures to submit a socioeconomic assessment to comply with one of the legal requirements of Coronado’s alleged lawsuit. “The day after his father died, we had a socioeconomic study for this lawsuit — which Coronado filed —. ‘It’s the first lawsuit they’ve brought against me in my life. They had never sued me!’” Ferro told Hola!

Similarly, Anna recounted that del Solar inherited a house for each of her children and planned well in advance how she would distribute her fortune. “By the time I met him, he had already created a possession for each of his children in case they were ever missed. The boys’ mother collected the rent from these houses to support the children. Now that I’ve ordered all of his paperwork, I’ve seen the tuition payment, health insurance, doctors, bill of materials, uniforms, everything he’s saved,” Ferro said.

However, tensions between the two parties grew and Coronado decided to respond with a letter released through the Ventaneando program. In the letter, Ingrid denied Ferro’s statements and stressed that it was she who received a lawsuit from Fernando del Solar. “This information is incorrect. The truth is that in 2016 a lawsuit for divorce was filed against me which was referred to the Mexico City Second Family Court. This process is pending. final, for which the judge of the case (informally) ordered a socio-economic study to be carried out on both parties in May 2022,” read the letter presented on national television.

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According to Coronado, del Solar asked her for 30% of her income, in addition to sharing the real estate she owned. She was also required to be the one to take care of all food and education expenses for the two children they fathered during their marriage.

The driver stressed that a year before his death, del Solar had failed in his legal obligation to pay his descendants a pension. And in connection with this powerful exchange, journalist Ana María Alvarado revealed in Sale el Sol that these debts could be settled with the fortune left by del Solar.

“They sent me all the papers. When a person dies, the first thing to do is to go through the probate process, see the will, which no party for the rights of minors can deny. Debts and annuities go away to be collected from the property left by the deceased , not from grandparents or other family members, but from the same possessions that they have”.

With that in mind, and in case a future legal resolution favors Coronado, the annuity would have to be paid for with Fernando’s belongings, money and assets, a process Ferro would have to take care of. However, that doesn’t mean she’s spending her money to pay off the debt. So far nothing is certain. And the truth is that a problem that could have been solved privately is now part of an eternal and public legal drama.


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