Informative agenda of EFE International from 20th to 26th August 2022

Informative agenda of EFE International from 20th to 26th August 2022

Various capitals – monitoring the war in Ukraine and its consequences (daily reporting)



Sao Paulo (Brazil) – Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva holds the first mass rally of his campaign in Sao Paulo.

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) – The winning films of the Gramado Film Festival, the most important in Brazil, have been announced.

Havana – First weekend of Los Carnavales de La Habana 2022, the most popular party in the Cuban capital.

Panama City – Fifth Congo Pollera Festival in the Caribbean city of Portobelo

MOSCOW/Lviv – Ukraine is preparing for a resurgence of attacks by Russian forces in response to the explosions and sabotage actions in the Russian rear. Lviv (Ukraine) – Ukrainian universities in the warfront cities of Mikolajiv and Kharkiv are preparing for the new academic year despite destruction and attacks by Russian troops. Istanbul – UN Secretary-General António Guterres visits the center set up in Istanbul to monitor compliance with the agreement that released the export of Ukrainian grain.

Vienna – The reactivation of the deal that prevented Iran from accessing nuclear weapons seems closer than ever, but several problems still prevent the US and this country from giving another opportunity to conclude the negotiations.

Rabat – Celebration of the 69th anniversary of the King and People’s Revolution in Morocco, during which Mohamed VI usually delivers a speech to the nation marking the kingdom’s political and economic lines.

Paris – France has set up an “umbrella” to force reforms on rental housing with the worst energy efficiency ratings and taken measures to limit inflationary escalation in the property market.



MOSCOW/Lviv – Fighting on various fronts in Ukraine continues to be intense amid growing concern over the fate of the Russian-controlled Zaporizhia nuclear power plant.

RIGA – Latvia is due to pass legislation next week to end the use of Russian in the public and private sectors and in commerce amid growing hostility with Russia over the invasion of Ukraine.

Rabat – Celebration of King Mohamed VI’s 59th birthday, a festival in Morocco known as the Festival of Youth.

Istanbul – Abdullah von Pahang’s visit ends, the first visit by a Malaysian king to Turkey in 30 years.

BELGRADE – The Serbian right sees the upcoming EuroPride celebration in Belgrade, the main LGBTI+ protest event in Europe, as a Western attack on the country’s traditions.

Paris – This week France’s literary ‘Rentree’ opened with 490 novels, fewer than usual but elbow-worthy for the autumn prices.

Warsaw – The Polish city of Gubin is planning to rebuild Villa Wolf, believed to be the first modern project by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the last director of the Bauhaus school.

Dublin – Irish distillery Boann, a small family business in the historic Boyne Valley, has salvaged 68 century-old wine casks from a Spanish cellar to age their whisky.



Sao Paulo (Brazil) – Lula offers a press conference to foreign correspondents on the occasion of the elections in Brazil.

Brasilia – The Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACtHR) is holding its 150th regular session in Brasilia with four public hearings. (Until August 27th).

MONTEVIDEO – Uruguayan Foreign Minister Francisco Bustillo and Interior Minister Luis Alberto Heber appear in Parliament to explain the official documentation given to drug trafficker Sebastián Marset.

Sao Paulo – Brazil receives the heart, on loan from Portugal, from Emperor Pedro I to commemorate the South American country’s 200-year independence from the Portuguese crown.

San Salvador – Victims of the El Calabozo massacre, perpetrated by the army in 1982, in which 200 civilians were murdered, and members of human rights organizations commemorate the 40th anniversary of this massacre without prosecutors investigating what has happened so far to establish the facts to clarify and find those responsible.

Managua – The Sandinistas commemorate the 44th anniversary of the attack on the National Palace, where Congress operated during the Somoza dictatorship, leaving two of its key figures dead and a third in prison for “treason”.

San Salvador – The second Conference on the Future of Central America will open in San Salvador, an activity chaired by Salvadoran Vice-President Félix Ulloa.

Tegucigalpa – Violence and impunity are the biggest enemies of the LGBTIQ+ community in the countries of Central America’s Northern Triangle (El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala), where they live in a “state of defenselessness”, the organization Oxfam International warns.

San Jose – Officials and business leaders from Central America and the United States are meeting in Costa Rica to analyze the trade situation and seek business at the Central American Trade Conference.

SHANGHAI (China) – The People’s Bank of China (PBC, Central) updates its benchmark interest rates.

BANGKOK — Months after the zoo where they lived closed its doors due to Covid-19, 11 tigers have found new life at a sanctuary in interior Thailand.

Buenos Aires – Argentina releases trade numbers for July after registering a surplus of $1,067 million in June, down 28.2% from the positive balance recorded in the same month of 2020.



Bogotá – The President of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, arrives in Colombia for an official visit.

New York (USA) – Primary elections for the federal congress and senate of the state of New York.

Miami (USA) – Primary elections for the federal congress, state senate and governor of Florica.

WASHINGTON — Republican Senator Lindsey Graham appears before a special panel to answer questions about two alleged phone calls he made to Georgia election officials during the 2020 presidential election.

Brasilia – Solemn ceremony at the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the arrival in the country of the heart of Pedro I, donated by Portugal for the commemorations of the bicentenary of independence (photo) (video).

Brasilia – The Inter-American Court of Human Rights defines in Brasilia a dispute over alleged violations of the rights of indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation in Ecuador.

Sao Paulo (Brazil) – Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is meeting with some of Brazil’s top business figures in Sao Paulo.

Santiago de Chile – The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) is updating its growth forecasts for the region for 2022 and 2023.

GUATEMALA CITY — Guatemala’s Congress is considering passing or passing a controversial law legalizing violence by security forces against protesters during a protest.

Managua – The Supreme Electoral Council is defining the parties and party alliances that will contest next November’s municipal elections in Nicaragua and their placement on the ballot.

MOSCOW – Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is meeting with his Syrian counterpart Faisal Mikdad.

Paris – European Space Agency (ESA) conference on European participation in the first Artemis mission.



BOGOTA – President of the Spanish government Pedro Sánchez meets with Colombian President Gustavo Petro and participates in a business meeting during his visit to Colombia.

MIAMI (USA) – It marks the 30th anniversary of the impact of Hurricane Andrew in South Florida, which was so devastating that its memory has marked the lives of many Floridians who fear that each hurricane season will be different.

Guatemala City — Renowned judge Miguel Ángel Gálvez is defending himself in court over charges brought against him by the far-right Fundación Contra el Terrorismo, whose leaders have been sanctioned by the US and are trying to waive immunity with the one the judge says.

Guatemala City – One of the directors of El Periódico, Lucy Chay, takes part in a forum organized by the International Center for Journalists in which the president and founder of the said outlet, José Rubén Zamora Marroquín, is arrested, who has been arrested since July 29 is imprisoned.

San José – Costa Rica celebrates National Parks Day, which highlights the contribution of these protected areas to the country’s economic development and the protection of its rich biodiversity.

Kyiv – Ukraine is celebrating Independence Day, a sign of six months of defensive resistance to Russian aggression.

Moscow – The Russian campaign in Ukraine, which has claimed tens of thousands of lives, has lasted six months without Russia being able to break Ukrainian resistance.

GENEVA (Switzerland) – Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, Yevhenia Filipenko, offers a press conference on the sixth month of Russian aggression against her country.

LUANDA — Angola is holding general elections with the country’s President João Lourenço seeking a second term.

Baku – Kazakh President Kasim-Yomart Tokáev arrives in Baku for an official visit.

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) – You are presenting new projections for the 2023/2024 Brazilian harvest.

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) – The Brazilian Consumer Confidence Index will be released in August.



QUITO – The President of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, takes part in a meeting with Spanish and Ecuadorian businessmen, business institutions and representatives of the governments of both countries.

WASHINGTON – United States President Joe Biden attends a Democratic Party rally in Montgomery, Maryland ahead of next November’s midterm elections.

Dhaka – Five years have passed since the exodus of Burma’s Rohingya minority to Bangladesh began

Berlin – The Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) publishes the final data on gross domestic product (GDP) for the second quarter.

Frankfurt (Germany) – The European Central Bank (ECB) has published the minutes of its monetary policy meeting on July 21.

WASHINGTON – The United States Bureau of Economic Analysis releases the second calculation of GDP development for the second quarter of 2022 against a background of rising inflation and practically full employment.

RIO DE JANEIRO (BRAZIL) – The Ministry of Labor announces the number of formal jobs Brazil created in July.

Mexico City – Banco de México publishes the minutes of the Board of Directors relating to the previous meeting.



Tegucigalpa – The President of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, meets with the President of Honduras, Xiomara Castro.

BOGOTA – Former paramilitary chief Salvatore Mancuso, along with other paramilitary leaders accused of war crimes, publicly apologizes to the victims at the Sugar Baby Rojas Indoor Coliseum in the city of Barranquilla.

Sao Paulo (Brazil) – Beginning of free electoral propaganda on radio and television ahead of October’s presidential elections in Brazil.

Havana – Second weekend of Los Carnavales de La Habana 2022, the most popular party in the Cuban capital.

Moscow – The XXXIV. Moscow International Film Festival begins and runs until September 2nd.

RIO DE JANEIRO (BRAZIL) – The central bank announces the results of Brazil’s current account balance and foreign direct investment in the country in July. EFE