Influencer convicted of contract murder of her mothers lover

Influencer convicted of contract murder of her mother’s lover

An influencer in Britain lured a man and his friend into a death trap because he blackmailed her mother with a sex tape after an affair. The 24-year-old woman and her 46-year-old mother were sentenced to life in prison on Friday in the city of Leicester for double murder. They must spend decades in prison before being released.

The judge went to his daughter’s website, which has accumulated tens of thousands of followers with beauty and fashion tips: “Your reputation for bad taste during your career as an influencer has made you completely obsessed with yourself”, said the judge. .

The victim was just 21 years old

The mother ended the affair with a 21-year-old in January 2022, who then threatened to send her husband sexually explicit material. The woman handed the case over to her daughter, who was known as an influencer on YouTube and Tiktok. She organized a meeting with the man in February, but organized several people to attack him.

Upon arriving at the agreed location, the 21-year-old and his friend of the same age noticed several masked people in two cars. A wild chase ensued in which the youths’ vehicle was rammed, left the road, hit a tree and caught fire. Both occupants died.

The influencer must spend at least 31 years and eight months in prison, the mother 26 years and nine months. Two accomplices who were in the same car were also sentenced to at least 36 and 26 years in prison for double homicide, while two men and a woman in the second car were sentenced to 11 to almost 15 years for manslaughter. An eighth defendant was acquitted.