Inés Sainz underwent emergency surgery, how is she?

Inés Sainz underwent emergency surgery, how is she?

Midtime editorial

Mexico City / 08/31/2022 09:57:15

The reporter logs out via her social networks Aztec sport, Ines Sainz, shared this with his thousands of followers had to be operated on although gave no information the reason he entered the operating room.

“A minor inconvenience that we had to deal with quickly, but thank God I got out of surgery very well. Now rest a little”, was part of the text that the famous driver published together with a photo He is seen on a bed in a hospital gown.

How is Inés Sainz’s health?

After this release Ines Sainz continue to share some on social networks details of his recovery from hospital, Place where he ate jam and even watched the game Serena Williams in which US Open.

“I don’t know if I naturally feel that good or if this whole combination of drugs has anything to do with it.” published the driver, who has become famous for her work at world-class sporting events.

Ines Sainz underwent emergency surgery how is she

In the last Instagram story shared by the driver, she announced this He was already at home, recovering the operation she underwent.