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Increasingly expensive family basket in the Dominican Republic

According to Diario Libre, the average cost of the family basket is increasing every month, and over the past three years the increases have been significant, exceeding three thousand pesos ($54) year-on-year.

In December 2020, families in the country could cover their family basket with approximately 36,000 936.17 pesos ($661), instead they did it a year later with 40,000 74.16 (714) and in December 2022 with 43,000 210.73 ($767).

The information suggests the escalation is due to inflation, which has picked up during the pandemic and peaked at 9.64 percent yoy in April 2022.

But the truth is that although it is a country that is growing strongly compared to the rest of the region, it is difficult for the pockets of the poor to meet their needs, but this growth does not reach everyone, hence the demands of a large parts of the population try to live decently in the form of price cuts.