In Venezuela the opposition sacks Juan Guaido

In Venezuela, the opposition sacks Juan Guaido

By Patrick Bele

Published 01/01/2023 at 18:26, updated yesterday at 10:14

Juan Guaido was President of the interim government installed in January 2019. LEO ALVAREZ / AFP

HISTORY – Three of the four main anti-Chaviist parties have decided to end the “interim presidency”.

The “interim government” ended last Friday in Venezuela. Parliamentarians elected in 2015 voted by a large majority to end the experiment that began in January 2019. At that time, the National Assembly decided not to recognize the election of Nicolas Maduro as the country’s president in 2018 and to establish an interim status. This consisted of appointing an interim government chaired by Juan Guaido. The United States and Europe had supported this approach, allowing this parallel administration to get its hands on the country’s $23 billion worth of overseas assets. The aim was to quickly replace the Maduro government. But over time, the legitimacy of this provisional government waned, as the coup de grace was an attempt to overthrow the official government in April 2019. Juan Guaido believed he had the army’s support, but only a handful of soldiers were following him.


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