In the UK the Home Secretary wants to tackle wokism

In the UK, the Home Secretary wants to tackle wokism in the police

Suella Braverman wants to combat “political activism” in the police. It specifically targets police officers who took a knee during the Black Lives Matter movement.

Britain’s Home Secretary Suella Braverman wants to crack down on “political activism” in the police force, particularly targeting “politically correct causes,” and announced on Saturday she would launch an investigation into these practices, which distract officers from their essential duties.

“The British public expects their police to focus on fighting crime and protecting communities. “Political activism does not keep people safe, solve crimes or support victims, but can damage public trust,” the conservative minister, who is very offensive against progressive “woke” activism, said in a press release.

In an interview with The Telegraph newspaper, she denounced “the unacceptable increase in partisan political positions” within the police force and was quick to bow to “politically correct concerns.”

“Strict neutrality”

She specifically mentions the kneeling of police officers at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, or the fact that police were able to refer to rapists who identified as transgender with the pronoun “they.”

Some elected officials and conservative media outlets also regularly denounce police spending to decorate some of their cars in the colors of the LGBT+ movement.

The police must “ensure that they adopt a position of strict neutrality at all times, even if this offends certain parts of society,” said the minister, who is known for her harsh statements about migrants or environmental activists, in this interview.

“Enough of the virtue speeches”

She also claims to have spoken to “hundreds” of police officers “who are fed up with the virtue-talking that certain police officers devote their time to instead of focusing on their work fighting crime.”

The British police force in particular has been rocked by several scandals in recent years that highlighted the racist, misogynistic or homophobic behavior of certain officers and caused a stir in reports.