In the province of Catanzaro there will be a boom

In the province of Catanzaro there will be a boom in inquiries for the purchase of houses by foreigners in 2022 CatanzaroInforma CatanzaroInforma

Calabria continues to be among the favorite regions of foreign citizens looking to buy a home in Italy, and in the last year the boom has been in the province of Catanzaro. The data had already appeared in the course of one conference last June, but the numbers were confirmed in the following months of 2022.

This has been revealed by the latest report from, the international property portal for foreigners looking to buy a home in Belpaese.

Even in 2022, foreigners continue to look for a home in the Calabria region, according to data obtained from a survey of 40,000 users.
Analyzing the data from the Calabrian provinces, Cosenza comes out on top with 52.93% of requests during this period.
Followed by Vibo with 32.76%, Catanzaro (9.63%) and Reggio with 4.1%. The province with the highest annual growth is Catanzaro with a growth of +168%. As for the individual communes, the preferences of foreigners reward Scalea with 28.1% of the requests from the total number. Followed by Tropea with 16.8% and Zambrone with +6.34%.

In terms of annual output, the Municipality of Longobardi is experiencing a real boom, with a growth of +157%.
Most inquiries come from the United States (31.96% of the total), the United Kingdom (10.71%), Canada (10.56%) and Germany (10.44%). The best result compared to 2021 is Australia with +73.53%.

In terms of the type of property sought, the preferences of the inquiries are concentrated in the apartment category (50.9% of the total), followed by the villa (16.28% of the total) and the family house category (5.57%). Outside the country, completely renovated houses are preferred (61.94%), without a garden (57.75%), without a swimming pool (72.26%) and without land (81%).

Value of wanted properties The price range of wanted properties is from 100,000 to 250,000 (30.94%); 7.75% 250-500 thousand; 57.24% 0-100 thousand euros; 1.44% over 1 million euros; 2.63% 500-1 million euros. The average value of the properties searched has increased and stands at 190,279 (23.16%).

“These data confirm the homogeneity of requests from foreign users – explains Simone Rossi, co-founder of – and as always there are some surprises on the municipal front, but the tendency of foreign citizens to seek homes everywhere is part of our beautiful of Italy”.