In the Heart of Irish Legends a touch of Ireland

“In the Heart of Irish Legends”: a touch of Ireland for Montreal

After conquering a million people across Europe, Asia and Australia, the Irish-Celtic phenomenon has its sights set on new territory: North America. And it’s Montreal that will act as a gateway for the troupe expected to perform this week’s show At the heart of Irish legends.

There are many shows celebrating traditional Irish culture (read: music and dance) with Lord of the Dance and Riverdance being probably the most famous of all. And Nicolas Ferru, producer of the At the heart of Irish legends project, doesn’t hide it: he finds some of these other proposals superfluous, even boring.

“The other shows all offer the same thing and cater to die-hard fans. But to be honest, I personally find two hours of tap dancing without a single word superfluous,” he says on the phone from France.

So what makes his show different from others? its accessibility. Because the Irish Celtic Show has a very precise storyline at its heart, told in real time.

We will therefore discover the story of a pub owner in Ireland who had to hand over the keys to his business to his son to ensure its continuity.

whiskey and Guinness

At each of the six performances of In the Heart of Irish Legends, Montrealers are therefore transported right between the doors of this establishment, a veritable microcosm where whiskey and Guinness beer flow freely.

“In an Irish pub, all walks of life come together and can chat over a drink. That’s exactly what we wanted to create; a show that makes people travel in this unique universe, with around twenty artists on stage,” explains Nicolas Ferru. Always aiming to reach a wider audience, Irish Celtic will also evoke various memories among viewers, particularly with its nods to popular culture monuments: the hit films Cœur vaillant (Braveheart), The Last of the Mohicans and Titanic.

  • The Irish Celtic squad will present their show At the heart of Irish legends at the Espace St-Denis in Montreal from January 26th to 29th.