In the crisis with Simaria, Simone switches to the gospel and has already received praise

In the crisis with Simaria, Simone switches to the gospel and has already received praise

Simone and Simaria are experiencing a crisis in the duo and have had several public disagreements in recent months, making it clear to fans that the troubled professional relationship could take their careers in different directions.

This column of syringes It turns out that Simone already has a destiny if she hits the gavel and decides to put an end to the duo with Simaria. She’s heading towards a career in gospel music and has even recorded a few hymns of praise waiting for the right moment for release.

Simone has previously said in interviews that she has been evangelical since she was 6 and has a very successful gospel partnership that was recorded in 2018. She took part in the DVD of singer Davi Sacer and recorded the song “Deus de Promessas”. The song has over 300 million views on YouTube. Even the “Colleguinha” sang this praise at the “March for Jesus 2021” in São Paulo.

In the gospel world, the artist has already opened her doors and guaranteed an audience.

On social media, Simaria’s sister speaks about her faith in God and is consistently asked by fans if she will one day pursue a gospel career. In 2021, she opened a question box on Instagram and when asked if she would one day only sing songs about God, she replied: “At the right time”.

Apparently “the right time” is very close. Sources heard by the column indicate that Simaria’s interview with Metrópolesbased journalist Leo Dias “was the shovel to bury the duo”.

“O [programa do] Mouse was my cry for help, because everything I plan to do is held up by Simone. Do you have any idea what it’s like to spend about 20 years of your life keeping your mouth shut and not being yourself?” Simaria said in an interview with the journalist.

In fact, Simone’s first release after her sister’s allegations was posting a praise on her Instagram Stories.

By only singing gospel, and in a solo career, Simone would also shed criticism. She has already attacked evangelical fans who have urged her to stop “singing world music.” “I am an honest woman, a faithful mother to my husband, I love my brothers, I help others? I have my flaws like everyone else but no one can point a finger and say I don’t love Jesus because I’m singing,” she said on social media.

Wanted, Simone’s press office didn’t answer questions raised by the column about the duo’s future. The place remains open.

Simone and Simaria have quarreled publicly and two recent episodes show disagreement  Reproduction / Instagram @simoneesimaria @joaoalmeidac  Reproduction / Instagram @simoneesimaria @joaoalmeidac

Simone and Simaria have publicly quarreled and two recent episodes show disagreements

Image: Reproduction / Instagram @simoneesimaria @joaoalmeidac

Simaria’s temper is the cause of “climate”

As published in this Splash column, the cause of Simone and Simaria’s “climate” is the difficult temperament of the duo’s second voice. A source has revealed that behind the scenes, Simaria has a reputation for not being an easy person to deal with and that Simone’s patience is running out.

Simaria always had the speech of “I am the one who does it, I decide, I direct and indicate what should and should not be done”. Up until then, Simone had always accepted and followed her sister’s ideas. However, the relationship frayed and neither of them gave the arm to twirl.

Always in a good mood, Simone and Simaria don’t want to burden the fans with the inconveniences of the backstage and deny fights and conflicts. But it’s getting hard to hide and the public is noticing the wear and tear of the duo.