In the case of the influencer disappointed by the pizza

In the case of the influencer disappointed by the pizza maker Porzio in Naples, the stories disappear when the receipt arrives. She defends herself but he responds The Video

The influencer really didn’t expect to pay the bill. Especially after everyone recognized her at the tables at Errico Porzio’s pizzeria on the Naples seafront. When the receipt arrived, all published stories were deleted out of a sort of defiance. The case, which caused great controversy on social media, is today told in even more detail by the well-known Neapolitan pizza maker, who has no regrets about making the influencer pay like anyone else. The long-distance dispute had been going on for over 24 hours when Porzio reported the affair. He was not present when the girl had dinner at his restaurant and only learned what happened after seeing her review. Although she was “happy and satisfied with the service and the pizza” – writes the pizza maker – she posted some stories on Instagram, but after presenting her with the bill, she deleted them.

In the review, she herself explains the reason that led her to remove all published content. “Hello guys, thank you again for the personalized pizza, for the photos and especially for the needle and cotton. I felt compelled to delete videos and photos from my stories because, as you can imagine, it’s definitely a job for me. I don’t sponsor companies for free, but at most I only deal with the exchange of goods/services. That’s why – continues the influencer, explaining his sincere approach – I give a positive review to the company or product to be sponsored in exchange for offering the service or product itself for free (all capital letters, note). . Ed.). I appreciate your warm welcome, but in short: you will understand that work is work!”

The influencer Barbara Gambatesa speaks out on Fanpage and explains that in her opinion an agreement was reached after some employees at the pizzeria recognized her and asked for a selfie. And she says she also felt ridiculed: “The portrayal of events is a little different. There were no agreements written in black and white. But there was a mutual agreement. It may not have come from Errico, but all of her sentences showed a structured collaboration. I advertised for free through my phone and their phones. But in the end, when I see that there is no longer any reciprocity, I find myself forced to remove everything.” The case seems far from being resolved, since Porzio explains in a video published on his social networks that in reality There was no agreement with the influencer and no one ever called her in the club.

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